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Wyrmrest Accord
Heya hiya heya, I'm...possibly known, possibly not but I've seen a couple of podcasts and one day I decided to make one. This is one that would be updated every monday and friday but I'm always looking for people to record with me. I have a few episodes recorded and I'm uploading them when I can, forgive the audio some days I don't have the best system. But I was thinking that I could get a few people in on this as well from other guilds, make it like a wyrmrest accord podcast so that we can all talk about whatever. If you want to participate find me in game and pst me your skype info and I'll try and contact you when I can, just let me know when you're good to record. As an example I'll upload the first episode here that I had made with my guildies. Again I apologize for the audio and hope you enjoy, I do hope to get as many people in on this as possible. I do ask, however, you don't insult a specific person or group of people, but go more for a certain archetype of rper so no one gets offended.
And here is episode 2 of the rp podcast situation where we talk about mass rp fighting. -nod nod- if you want in on the podcast again just find me in game and I'll pencil you in for a skype call.

Hey Drahs, if you're using skype and need a better way to record people I like to use MP3 skype recorder. It's free and it's what I use for my guild's podcast. That being said, I'll probably be contacting you ingame ;D
Damn I would love to participate... Unfortunately, my accent sucks and no on will understand. *Cries in the bathroom*
Anyways, I saw your first two episodes yesterday, they rock! I hope you can continue uploading for a while. :)
Thanks, haha. I'll upload every Monday and Friday (maybe Wednesday's too if it gets popular enough.)
Nice episode BTW, concerning the mass RPfight that occurred at Ambermill. I agree with -everything- you said.
Alright here's the next episode, again if you want in on the action pst me on WoW and I'll pencil you in.

Use audacity to record your mic if need be.

Pamela isn't free but one of the best skype recorders as well.
That's cool man..I listen to a few different WoW podcasts when I'm at work, I'd definitely check out one involving WRA.
Love the episodes, It is interesting to know whats going on around the server. Keep up the good work!
Sounds like fun, though not sure regarding my voice. XD
...BOOP! Wow there are more people on this forum ._. I also use audacity I just suck at recording. Iiii'm gettin' there.

I will not allow this thread to die!
AAAND Here is today's episode. Special thanks to Scelestus for helping me find the post in the forums.



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