Is MM pvp any fun?

Not looking to be op or necessarily see the biggest numbers on the screen, just wondering if any of you that have recently switched to MM find it any fun?

I see no qq threads about MM nor do I see anybody posting about how they enjoy it, which worries me.
I find it really entertaining, of course I have always been bm.

Just give it a try.
Its my favorite spec to pvp in. I actually took 5.0 and 5.1 off on my hunter since the only competitive spec was BM, I never enjoyed BM. MM is fun because theres some strategy to play the spec unlike Bm which is "petsinrangeblowallcds" lol. Your kinda forced to position yourself with aimed shot and even more so if you choose to grab power shot as your 90 talent. I'd probably enjoy Sv even more if the damage weren't so easily dispelled.
get the glyph of aim shot and move while casting!
hell yeah
MM is fun imo because your pet is not a big deal. If your pet gets CC'd, oh well, you can still get a couple of 100k crit aimed shots / chimera shot off. Most of the damage comes from the player, not an npc.

This is exactly the reason I play MM. Everyone expects hunters to be BM, so they kill the pet instantly. Meanwhile, I'm just shooting Aimed Shots and Chimera Shots into them while laughing.

Plus, MM is ALOT more fun IMO.
Yes it is. I can't stand being In RBGs and my pet dies as bm because of all the aoe dotting going around its impossible to keep your pet up sometimes. Then u become useless unless u waste another 6 seconds trying to Rez it.
I'm finding that MM is good for Random BGs, but Surv is much better. I like using MM for capping arena, and Surv for Battlegrounds.

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