Molten Front spiders

Does anyone know the spawn timer on the Molten Front spiders? I really want Anthriss, just as I was about to tame him on my hunter some douche comes and kills him :(
The same skin is used on the common yellow spiders just up the ramp. I think the respawn timer is around 4 hours for the rares though.
Yeah the only true unique for those skins is Deth'Tilac. All the others have common repeat skins that can be found in molten front.
thank you guys, i accidently killed deth'Tilac just then ;( *cries*
Like the others said, all the other models are obtainable without taming a rare spawn. However if you want to have fun I recommend both Kirix and Deth'tilac as they are the only ones that present any challenge. Kirix actually is is mostly dependent upon your haste rating, but Deth'tilac puts all those years of practicing the jump shot to good use. I still go back and tame Deth for fun sometimes. Wish they would do something like this again with rares, the tracking thing is cool for RP reasons, but isn't nearly as fun as actually having to work to tame the rare.

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