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Why is there not an option to change factions, or be neautral yet? I don't see a reason why there can't be option to be neutral. Or evil, like go from alliance to burning legion. That'd be fun:D

I think blizz is over hyping the whole "Your this big hero" Juuust a tad. Not that i really mind. But still. Opinions?
I think a neutral stance would be nice. But you'd still be a hero. (aka big ogre/orc guy in outlands)
My dream is to join Sporeggar.
It would be nice story-wise.

But a complete nightmare gameplay-wise.
How would it be a nightmare gameplay wise?...People could join any group they want, i think it'd be more interesting! Like, you wanna do a dungeon but your friend is a B-elf, and your a gnome. No problem, just party up. At this point from what i can tell, heroes (the players) Are basically loosely affiliated mercenaries. And Aethun, i wish you luck with your dream to walk with the sporeggar.
Then it would be a complete nightmare story-wise.

Either one of the other. Either we are able to play with everyone and the story the game has is thrown into the trash forever, or we have the way it is now.

This is world of WARCRAFT. How can there be more than two factions, if all battlegrounds are designed around that number? Multiple factions will ally? What's the point then? It's not a story anymore, just people nuking other people for the sakes of pvp. What about PvE? How can you have two factions at wars, but you can still invite people from the otherside to hit deadmines? Pacifists are the minority in azeroth. The story wpuld be inexistant. It will be World of PvP and PvE (and a part of RP)

I'm not saying more than two factions is bad, but a huge amount (in pvp, most of all) of content was made with two factions in account, not 2 factions, neutrals, hostile, mercenaries, etc etc. There ere other mmos that worked with three or more factions, and there will be mmos that will work with 3 or more factions.

Unless a massive change occured which would need to affect pretty much everything in wow, there won't ever be a option of another faction.
I doubt it'll ever get to that point, but the pandaren open the door to more faction options, at least. Blizzard's line was always that they wanted different races per faction for battleground visual distinctiveness. Obviously, that has gone out the window.

However, there are lore reasons for the factions being the way they are, racially. Blood elves MIGHT, a few of them, join the Alliance. Some tauren might. Goblins will clearly go wherever. But even any of those would be stretching it, and I can't think of any (believable) reason for any of the Alliance races to side with the Horde.

I could see the Alliance getting high elves, and maybe Horde getting Dark Iron dwarves. Lore-wise, that is; if high elves become available, the Horde's numbers will dry up overnight in terms of player population.
The Horde hasn't necessarily painted themselves into a corner, allies-wise.

But I can't fathom how the orcs are going to remain in control, given that they've proven they're fanatically loyal to their Warchief to the point of insanity and that they'll turn on their allies in an instant if it suits them.

A third faction, I think, is unnecessary. It would strip a layer of conflict from the story. It's good for the audience to be a little uncomfortable. It means the author has what they want and isn't giving it up just yet.
Wouldn't really be a problem in game-play term, but you'd open the proverbial can of worms of cross-faction communications, which I believe Blizzard is terrified of.

Consider how vile some people can get about their faction pride, even going so far as to cross the faction divide on a level one to spend (as I have found) upwards of an hour whispering crude messages to an entire Guild because they beat the 'best' PvPer in their guild.

And in this day and age, companies like Blizzard care about making sure the lowest common denominator in their game doesn't drag everything else down. Giving this sort of Player 'free reign' to abuse the hell out of the 'opposition' would be a legal nightmare for them, and would probably cost them as many subscriptions as it would reclaim for the novelty of being able to choose a faction other than Horde/Alliance.

A well-known example of the sorts of players who make the OP's dream sadly unlikely:

A third faction would probably, on an RP server, result in Tragedy of the Commons playing out on a large scale as the vast majority of players join the neutral faction, leaving the Horde and Alliance seriously underpopulated.

At that point, the game ceases to be what it is and instead turns into some other thing.
I don't think its ever going to happen. It wouldn't make sense from a story perspective to suddenly have orcs fight on the Alliance side or humans fight on the horde side. And what would you do for a 3rd "neutral faction" Does that mean they can do every quest from every group? Story-wise they would likely be shun by both horde and alliance. Which would mean that they would have to have their own quest hubs, there own cities, and their own starting zones.
You'd also have to redesign all of the bgs so that it could handle 3 factions, and on top of that you'd have to decide which races would leave the horde/alliance.

I can keep going on why this would be a bad idea...
Third faction would be cool for many reasons. Just as would cross-faction communications, and the ability to defect from one faction to another in-game. For many of the same reasons, they won't happen.
Way back in vanilla, IIRC, they had cross-faction communications, but they had to change it because there was so much trash talking that it was causing a problem.
It would be cool to align with 1-3 current/forthcoming sub factions and get some limited cross faction ability.

For example if you chose Cenarion Circle you would get a few dailies and a quartermaster at end-game level. At some point you could purchase/unlock an item that let you speak with anyone exalted within the faction, regardless of alignment. Perhaps a tabard or something. I'd like something like that for depth and RP.
I'd punch a dolphin in the blowhole if I could be a yaungol. Twice, in fact.
Wouldn't really be a problem in game-play term, but you'd open the proverbial can of worms of cross-faction communications, which I believe Blizzard is terrified of.

Consider how vile some people can get about their faction pride, even going so far as to cross the faction divide on a level one to spend (as I have found) upwards of an hour whispering crude messages to an entire Guild because they beat the 'best' PvPer in their guild.

Look at Rift. They have no language boundaries which never led in my experience to terrible trolling.

Did people troll? Yes.

Was there and ignore function? Yes.

In the case you are quoting people should have just ignored the person whispering and opened a ticket if they kept rerolling alts to evade the ignore.

To me that just proves the limits of language and faction won't stop those who wish to troll. I've had Alliance from Cenarion circle park mammoths on our RP events and spam yells, which was just as annoying as if I could understand it. Luckily I could click and ignore them as well.
Blizzard has a hard enough time to trying to balance the story between Alliance and Horde. Maybe; I just know they haven't always done well with it.

A third or neutral faction is too much story-wise. I can see the appeal though.
I think after this expansion we are going to see an end to the Alliance/Horde war. To be honest it has gotten stale story-wise and I hope it dies with Garrosh. I think next expansion it won't be Horde vs. Alliance but Good vs. Evil in general after the Alliance and Horde take out Garrosh something will happen to make them actually have to work together(again) and stand against a common threat (Legion). Of course there will be those that are unable to put aside past grudges and those that will side with the legion, but I really think Blizzard is moving toward getting rid of the classic Horde/Alliance faction and moving toward Light and Dark alignments. I'm sure that makes things complicated especially pvp wise, but the benefits really outweigh any complications.

At the very least we will see cross faction raiding.
I really liked the system that Everquest 2 had where you could do a quest chain to defect from your faction to a neutral one, and then from the neutral faction to either faction--either your original one or the opposite one. Obviously there's a lot of things that prevent this from being a reasonable option in Warcraft as it is right now, but it'd be a thing I'd really like to see something similar to in the future, especially after Garrosh goes.

Also, I completely agree with Chonga. Eventually they're gonna run out of even flimsy reasons for the war, and something'll have to change.
How can you trust that the orc who freely and easily throws away his allegiance to the Horde and wishes to join the Alliance? Once labeled a traitor, always labeled a traitor.

Valeera Sanguinar gets a pass for the Alliance because she fought side by side with Varian when they were gladiators. He knows he can trust her based on his experience. Same can't be said for anyone else.

And adding in new factions to the mix would muddy up the story. Warcraft has always been about Horde vs. Alliance. The only 2 factions outside that really mattered being the Burning Legion, which wants to see them all dead or possibly assimilated, and the Scourge, which wanted to see them dead and summarily assimilated to bolster ranks before Fordragon took the mantle of the Lich King.

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