Wyrmrest Accord
How can you trust that the orc who freely and easily throws away his allegiance to the Horde and wishes to join the Alliance? Once labeled a traitor, always labeled a traitor.

Valeera Sanguinar gets a pass for the Alliance because she fought side by side with Varian when they were gladiators. He knows he can trust her based on his experience. Same can't be said for anyone else.

And adding in new factions to the mix would muddy up the story. Warcraft has always been about Horde vs. Alliance. The only 2 factions outside that really mattered being the Burning Legion, which wants to see them all dead or possibly assimilated, and the Scourge, which wanted to see them dead and summarily assimilated to bolster ranks before Fordragon took the mantle of the Lich King.

Yeah pretty much this.
Also, I completely agree with Chonga. Eventually they're gonna run out of even flimsy reasons for the war, and something'll have to change.

War... always war...
This game will never see an end to war. I, Aethun, will take reign as the Warchief of the Sporeggar, and deliver mushroom-themed death to all of Azeroth.

Lok'tar Sporeggar!
EQ 1 and 2 did it.

Not sure how it's a nightmare in terms of gameplay.
Blizzard would have to hire about fifty odd folks to manage player complaints about cross-faction 'verbal' griefing, and that's just the US Servers. While an obvious, simple answer, we'd probably never have this happen as they are taking folks away from their end of the game and putting them to work on Titan right now.
Stop right there, criminal scum!

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