Another Low FPS QQ :(

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Ok my problem is really weird, I went from being 45-50 fps in raiding and bgs, to down to 9-15fps, keep in mind it is only 10man content or 10v10 for bgs. Yesterday I was fine, and now today its lacking. Tried doing driver updates and still nothing, I even uninstall add ons and still the same issue more or less.

Plz help :(
I'd check CPU / GPU temperature while WoW is running first
GPU 64-66C

That's with WoW running, AND not minimized (ie) running in windowed mode)?
that's correct, I even have a cooler master installed to, and the case is currently open
Temperature is normal.

How about all other games, do they also suffer from terrible FPS issues?
I was just playing L4D 2 and no problems at all
Disable all addons

Go to where you installed WoW to, then delete Cache folder inside (not one inside Data folder), as well as moving WTF folder out of WoW.

Run WoW, see if problem is resolved
Did that, im getting High Fps now

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