WTB Tammable Hydra & Oondasta

Been waiting a long time to tame a hydra. At one point we didn't have snakes or devilsaurs now we do! Some say its just a matter of time before blizz lets us have them...

Heck if blizz made some tome that teaches hunters to tame them and sold it online in their store...they would make mountains of chash! and we would be at peace at last!

I would even settle for a spirit beast hydra.

Also how cool would it be to tame Oondasta?! Talk about a challenge tame...
Not being a douche here, but taming Oondasta would be the major troll to any mega group.
People troll hunters by killing things they are taming all the time, if a hunter tames a tamable mob, weather it hold value or not how would that be trolling.

But I do see your point, I would compare it to taming King Krush.

He is part of an achievement so others want to kill him, yet at the same time he is the only devilsaur with that skin and he's a rare spawn.
Is it rude to kill him if you need the achievement, only if a hunter is camping yes. If no-one is around then theres no harm, besides he respawns :P
The problem with taming oondasta is that hes an endgame world boss that drops ilv 522 (or maybe it was ilv 502) gear, and that he currently requires 200 people to kill.
Tamable Oondasta will never happen, makes more sense for an NPC with the same model ID/color.
WHo knows, oodasta may become tameable in an expac or two
I'd prefer not to have the entire server after my hide and tail.
Different NPC same model for the oondasta thing. and they should have added hydras patches ago.
As far as Oondasta goes.. just make the Defiant Devilsaur tameable.
Same with the Direhorn.

read a quoted post wrong, got rid of that part. derp.
Not being a douche here, but taming Oondasta would be the major troll to any mega group.

I'm so trying this when I'm 90.

Who knows maybe he'll glitch out or something and I'll be able to tame him.

Would be hilarious too cause the whole server would hate me. lol
I tamed the hydra way back in wrath and get questions/compliments every day. I wish every hunter could experience the joys of owning such a noble beast.

A while back I had asked Ghostcrawler on Twitter why we couldn't have them and he replied more or less with "We don't like the model, but if we rework it tameability may be a possibility." I personally see little wrong with the model, as it works well as a pet and has all the animations it would need, such as swimming/attacking.

So maybe next expansion? Would be cool if they implimented a "Tome of Ancient Hydramancy" like they did with Direhorns. Just my thoughts on the subject.

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