Life Blood quest.

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I received the Life Blood quest today. I was just wondering why this quest, that requires you to be exalted w/ Sunreaver Onslaught, gives you 1000 rep toward the Sunreaver Onslaught... shouldn't it give Shadopan Assault. It seems like a wasted reward that no one at the stage they can get it... can use it for what its intended for.
its not rep its a banner and i don't even kno how to do it and i just picked it up
Note: Entrance to the Throne of Thunder for this quest is via Raid only as of the date of this post (see the "Raid" designation in your quest log next to the name of the quest).
Does this quest have a chain? I ask because i don't see the point in doing a raid quest for 20g and rep with a faction i am exalted with; meanwhile just having another item in my bag taking up space.
There is no chain that I know of. It just pops up when exalted...then gives you rep for the faction you are exalted with?

I r confused.
I agree, Wow has been making lots of errors like this lately, most likely why the number of players have been dropping.

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