Being A Jerk is An Important Part Of Gaming?

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Hi Everybody!
03/19/2013 10:21 PMPosted by Mcdrunk
Having been an online gamer since the mid 90's when MUDD's and Ultima Online were the only forms of mmo's, I can say from experience that online gaming has definately had a change of face over time. While the games have gotten bigger, more fun, and more widespread, the communities have really gone down the toilet

I started playing MUDs back in 92 and then the whole game was PvP, there was only one zone where player killing was not permitted, and if someone killed you they could take your stuff. Griefing went on hardcore. Behavior hasn't gotten worse, bad behavior is just more publicized.

It's more a matter of scope, what's "cool" in game behavior on a game with 10k if they're lucky members vs wow is very different. The game makers used to very intentionally cater to a niche market and the community reflected that. Having played MUDS back in the day the companies encouraged bad behavior just as much as the players.
Being a jerk is not an important part of gaming, it's just something that has happened because a good part of the time is parents don't bother to monitor what their kids are saying inside online games. If parents that actually give a sh*t about their child's future would monitor their online activity more we'd see the douchbaggery start to drop even if just a small amount.

But then we got the overgrown manchilds who had a !@#$ childhood or %^-* life and feel the need to be a douchbag online to make themselves feel better about themselves. Though they're doing it in such a negative fashion because they're not hurting anyone but themselves.

In the long run I find people being as*holes online aren't worth my time so they get ignored and reported so I don't have to deal with them, this is why I look for adults only guilds but mostly because drunk raiding is a lot more fun when everyone in the group is able to get drunk legally.
I don't have a degree in anything relating to human behavior, but my take on how/why folks behave the way they do in the gaming world is that they lack self-esteem and confidence IRL and transfer this into doing their very best to make OTHERS feel that way.

It is a very obvious and desperate cry for attention. They learn quickly that acting like trash gets them focused by others and they thrive on that. Look at the reality shows on TV such as "Bad Girls Club" or "The Real World". People are watching so let's act as horrible as possible because it makes me "cool".

I was raised to respect others and to respect myself.

Seeing someone treat someone else in horrible ways is truly incredibly sad and pathetic.
If you are RPing maybe but there is a lot of DBaggery going on these days (it has always occurred but as a game gets older and potentially closer to it's cycle end it becomes more and more prominent)

you get rudeness everywhere and in a way i try to chalk it up to the individuals upbringing or lack there of (not enough love as children probably).

recently i started new characters and i have had a 90th lvl intentionally flying from ore to ore to ore deposit in feralas a head of my 39th level i think it was at the time though this is also blizzard's fault for making crafting gear useless for the character making it (you can't skin the leather or mine the ore you need for the gear at your level as you need more levels to handle the zones said items are in).

maybe the game is just at it's end community wise but there is also the issue of the idiotic cross server crap so blizzard can hide it's rapidly failing sub numbers rather than they actually look into the issues causing this failure.

shrug WoW is now a lot like EQ1 was before EQ2 was released but there is no really good game on the horizon and of course there is the fact that the social aspect of MMOs is gone now (EQ1 was heavily social or you would have gone stark raving mad doing those long grinds to level up and then WoW sped that up with quests adding to that the cross server instances {how many of you have done a random instance and barely gotten a grunt out of anyone i for one found that the companions on D3 were more talkative while going through the game})

ah well maybe i am just getting old...

peace all and i hope you guys have fun me i am about done.

That is all.
As casual player who's looking to be more involved in the end raiding content, I am always constantly shocked by the amount of griefing that goes on when I am in LFD. I always take a guildie with me so I don't get kicked and do my best to research and practice before I go in. Most of the players who give me a hard time are from different realms, and I wonder if they go cross-realm just to harass those of us who are still learning. I always give props to a player who can solo a boss after the rest of us wipe, but to get an answer like "Your healing/tanking/DPS sucks! Get better gear! Go read a better spell rotation!" leaves me speechless. Who are you trying to impress? My guildies, who have my back and want me to be a better player?

These people have a fifty-fifty chance of being booted from the group, and when they're not, I lose a little of the joy I get from playing the game. My guildies have listened to it, and repeatedly reminded me that they are a Very Small minority but with cross-realm access, they seem to be spreading like the plague.

They only people who enjoy Griefers are other Griefers. Too bad there's not a Griefers Only Server where they can be appreciated and welcomed.
Wouldn't it be fun, if instead of decent people/players having to suffer interaction with the malcontents and misfits, if, given enough "complaints", these types could be relocated to a specifically designed "d-bag server", and forced to play w/each other, and only each other.
Kind of like a gaming prison for sociopaths. Then, if they received enough complaints on that server, for being "way too nice to fit in", they could be paroled back into mainstream gaming society.
Hope springs eternal.
Millions of people play this game. Not everyone is a saint IRL. Not sure why people expect them to radically change their personalities in-game. People are people, expect from them the same you would IRL. There is no magic bubble in online gaming that somehow "transmogrifies" douche-bags into nice poodles.
Thought police are bad even in video games. If somebody wants to be a jerk that is there right.

You can think what you want.

Act on those thoughts and you should be held responsible for them.
I'd have to agree. As someone who works in communications I would attest that there most certainly is such a thing as bad publicity. Any publicity that draws you away from your goals is bad publicity. Individuals and corporations spend billions globally making sure they have good publicity. In the case of WOW esports the question is does this kind of DB behaviour contribute towards an ultimate goal of Blizzard, which I imagine would be to grow the fan-base. I don't think it does in the long-run. My feeling is it has limited appeal to a small section of what could be potentially a larger audience. Then again I could be wrong.
Aside from the business case, in life being a jerk is never anything to be proud of of or encouraged.
Of course it's not. People always seek to justify their own character flaws.

This doesn't change the fact that they are morally pathetic, and often seek to push their belief onto others. There's always justification for bad crap going around. It makes me sick sometimes too.

Stuff like "Life isn't fair" or "PvP on a PvP server"....

While I agree that people who are jerks just for the sake of being jerks are awful, id have to say people who use larger, more offensive topics to further their own agenda on to others are even worse. Saying "pvp on a pvp server" is a completely legit opinion, and just because you dont like that opinion does not mean its as bad as "alliance should die IRL."

On topic though, no one is perfect and everyone can a jerk at one time or another, I am usually nice to anyone I meet, but if they do something that is obviously hurting my gameplay experience, I let them know they have done so.
If by 'jerk' you mean that I don't worry (or care, depending on how you look at it) about what other people think of me, prefer to game my own specific way, and hang out with a select group of people of my choosing, then yes.

I am a raging !@#$%^-.
If by 'jerk' you mean that I don't worry (or care, depending on how you look at it) about what other people think of me, prefer to game my own specific way, and hang out with a select group of people of my choosing, then yes.

I am a raging !@#$%^-.

I think you are over simplifying it, most jerks on this game and others not only dont care what others think, they go out of their way to make everyone feel bad, and have a tendency to keep saying how little they care about what others think, which makes me think they care a bit more than most.
I've been called a jerk (and worse) for less.

What you describe are trolls and reside only on my ignore list. =P
I've been called a jerk (and worse) for less.

What you describe are trolls and reside only on my ignore list. =P

in that we can agree =), Ive been called a jerk just for letting my temper show when telling someone in a group to speak up in vent for the 50th time, some people are too sensitive. Oh and he didnt call me a jerk, it was a bit more harsh than that =p.
Everybody is a jerk. If for any reason you think you're not're probably the biggest douche of them all.

Get over it. People aren't perfect and sometimes other expect them to be.

If I get famous and you ALL of a SUDDEN ...You EXPECT Me to stop being me are the douche.

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