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I like the ideas. I think Magni will, sooner or later, return to us. Somehow. But the Mogu seem like the closest fix.

I doubt the council would break, I think Magni would just replace Muradin in it.
Dwarves vs Forsaken, please.
I doubt the council would break, I think Magni would just replace Muradin in it.

They could do that and move Muradin into a military commander role. He needs some face time.
I've dwelled on this topic for a while now. I'm bumping this thread as opposed to creating a new one since its fairly recent and connected with current content (Pandaland).

I have some serious issues with the hits that the Dwarf race has taken. Much of this has more to do with Muradin, but I'll get to Magni in a moment. (also, I reference some Comic lore.)

Frostborn Dwarf representation in the capital - espite the show of all three brothers meeting up in Stormpeaks and Muradin being the crowned leader of the Frostborn. (I'm aware another takes his place after those events, but I'd imagine that contact and diplomacy would still be important for our brethren consider that we've even "allied" with the Dark Irons under Moira now.

Blood in the Snow scenario - as if Muradin would turn his back on a threat to the Dwarven races or the Alliance itself. Muradin is fiercely devoted to Varian based on his dialog during the attack on Icecrown, following his orders for letting Saurfang's father pass to retrieve his son's corpse. This is completely imbecilic that he would not heed Varian's call on issues in Dun Morogh or even Moira's.

Icecrown - Choked out by a Death Knight. When the Frostborn discovered Muradin, he had no memory but they told the story of how he transformed into an Avatar and single handedly defeated a Jormungar to save/protect a party of Frostborn (sorry, may not be 100% correct). I cannot imagine in any way that Saurfang could do what he did to Muradin and Muradin not be able to call upon that power. WE NEVER EVEN GET TO SEE THE DWARVEN AVATAR FORM.

Magni Bronzebeard's stasis - Why did this happen? At one point I believe it was stated that the tablets allowed the dwarves to communicate with ALL elements instead of just stone thus leading to our ability to be shaman. But for what? What role did any dwarf shaman play in Cataclysm? Magni FORGED the Ashbringer for cryin' out loud.

So whats gotta happen? Some change. Something massive has to come, and I have an idea. (Gonna be pretty cut and dry here and the lore may be wacky/wrong/not-gonna-happen but I only really care about the dwarves)

The council remains as it is.
There is imminent danger upon the world (Sargeras or some other old god)
Velen, sensing the trouble before it arrives, seeks coucil with A'dal.
A'dal sacrifices himself to become the essence of a weapon to combat the evil.
Velen travels to Norrath searching for a smith capable of forging such a weapon.
But the only smith that ever has done so is inlaid in Diamond beneath the seat of Ironforge.
Thus the Alliance turns to more pressing matters as well as other alternatives.

In secret, you receive a questline starting with something insignificant from a short hooded figure. (Would be even better if this was Dwarf only).

This line leads you through every expansion so far, collecting regents, trapping magicks, study'ing Titan relics and artifacts eventually leading you to the studies of the Jade Witch in Pandaria, who's process can be reversed by blah blah blah yadda yadda Golden Lotus.

After awakening Magni you find out that despite his physical weakness and being locked in stone, his mind was awake and Velen had spoken to him. Together you stage a massive explosion in the halls beneath Ironforge as Magni does not want knowledge of his return to be exposed.

Gather quest, talk quest, fly around quest, blah blah blah

Magni returns to Ironforge to forge Voidender or something awesome (preferably a hammer version of the Ashbringer). After some dialogue, the Council stays in power and Magni parts ways towards the "imminent evil."

And the twist...

Magni later reveals mid-fight with the final boss that the Alliance and the Horde are not the only powers whom wish this world to continue its survival. He mentions that on his trip to meet his brother in Northrend, he also made a pilgrimage to Ulduar where he meditated not only on the earth, but on the saronite in the ground allowing him to become a Saronite Avatar (old god powers, his to control with the defeat of Yogg Saron).

Of course, all of this awesome burns him out at the end of the encounter, and you get to take the hammer up to some rock, swing it down, have yourself a little Legend of Zelda moment "And the AwesomeHammer shall sleep.. forever"

Tada, there's your restitution for dwarves and a neat expansion storyline all in one.
when they spent all that time putting it together.

What, one scenario? And one quest at the end of Dun Morogh?
What if Magni was brought back as an Earthen or something, bringing them into the Alliance? Big dwarfs, small dwarfs, black dwarfs blue dwarfs. Dwarfs for singing, dwarfs for drinking... ugh oh god.... Dr. Seus moment.
Forsaken take over Arathi, get aggressive and try to invade Khaz Modan. Magni returns as the King of the united Dwarven clans to fight the dead back to Hillsbrad.

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