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So I was debating on my monks back story. One thing that entered my mind was making him a Thunderlord Clan orc.

Here is the problem: according to what I have read the clan itself has supposedly been wiped out.

I am unsure if I should try to rp as that in fear that it may violate an rp rule. So I ask of you.

Would playing as a Thunderlord Clan orc be bad idea? Or would it be.ok to do so
If you did play a Thunderlord Orc, your best explanation might be that (like many others) your character contracted the Red Pox and was quarantined in Nagrand with the rest of the infected. This could explain why (s)he was not slaughtered with the majority of the clan or a fel orc like the few who did survive.

Why (s)he has green skin when all the others quarantined remained Mag'har, you'd have to figure out your own explanation.

I mean, I'm sure you can come up with another good explanation, but that's a start to get you thinking.
There are a few NPCs who have the name "Wolfbrother", the characteristic name of that clan's chieftain. It isn't that the Thunderlords were all killed off but their numbers have dwindled to the point that the clan is defunct unlike, say, the Warsong or Frostwolf clans who still exist to this day.

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