They need a new forum here

Games, Gaming and Hardware
This is too general, "Games, Gaming and hardware."

My main interest is games and gaming, but so many posts here are:

My rig, problems with low fps?

Making a new build!

There should be:

"Games and gaming."

and then

"Hardware and computer builds."

Both parties might not be interested in the other subject.
I like the idea of a hardware forum, but I agree with Stephie that there might not be enough traffic for both forums. As it is, a lot of the hardware posts could be condensed if people would search for similar questions first (though I admit to being guilty of the same laziness).
It would be real nice, but yes, there's already less "discussion" than "forum" as is.

In either topic, the only time "new" discussion happens is right before something new comes out - besides that, the vast majority of questions could be bypassed with a search. Of course, this situation is not unique in the world of internet forums =P

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