Inactive Stealthbar

Anyone else having a problem with their stealthbar becoming inactive?

I reported a bug, a GM told me to delete my WTF, Cache and Interface folders. I wasn't using any action bar altering addons before, and now I'm using no addons at all. This bug is still persistent and the only way to bring my stealthbar back upon stealthing is to completely shutdown and restart WoW. Reloading UI does not work.

Most times my stealthbar will work before entering an arena or RBG, then all of a suddon I use ShD or vanish and my bar 1 remains... This is quite annoying.

I've only had this problem since 5.2
And it just happened again in the middle of a RBG. Moved my main DPS spells to my right action bar to click them for the meantime... Then I noticed the stealthbar working again towards the end of the game.

Very irritating. Is this happening to anyone else? Again, I'm currently not using any addons at all.
Don't know if this is what you're talking about but, I've heard that activating Dance while you still have the Subterfuge buff up will cause something like this.

A quick workaround to that particular issue is to add this line to the beginning of your Dance macro:
/cancelaura Subterfuge

However upon closer inspection of what you've written this does not seem the be the issue you're encountering. I'll leave this here anyway in-case of someone using the Search tool to find a fix to that problem.
Nope, definitely not my problem. Long after Subterfuge is gone, I'll trigger ShD or vanish for an offensive attack and my bar 1 is still active. No stealth bar, no stealth abilities. I have to have them on a separate bar or click them from my spell book at that point.
Is there still no fix to this? It keeps on happening and it's quite annoying...

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