Saricc's Thread of PVP and Stories #22

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Sounds like the secret to Abn's successful RBGS is that you watch Swifty's stream and know where he is everytime.

Looks like screenlooking is gonna be a thing again.

No one was looking at his screen, he just played like an idiot and even missed Shield Wall the first time he died. I also like how he Spell Reflects nothing when there's no one around him while he's swimming in the water at one point.

I also like how he whines about "sniping" when we queued into him accidentally lol

DUDE Swifty said you were ALL watching his stream and "Of course a 2400 team queued into us" His wise words, not mine. And Swifty is always right and NEVER lies.

DUDE admit it. You guys are a bunch of screen looking cheaters and should be stripped of all your accomplishments.

It's like RP server stuff!
i will assimilatewillinglyassuming direct control

you actually look kinda like a collector
yo psyops if i transfer my lock to tich will u play it so i can have a title srs
im tired of being 1750 fo life
and ill rename my lock typsyops
i thought you were just kidding about it with epo...

knowin psyops who frowns upon this... won't do it.

and locks seem a bit meh atm. aff lock dots are doin less than hpallys weak hots
i am kidding xd
no one read my story
It's okay, Saricc, I believe in you.
i wish i could be a male blood elf shaman
03/19/2013 01:17 AMPosted by Psyops
no one read my story

because my story of ending the tyrannical reign of Swifty I was a better story

Here's a story of me playing RBGs with him.
I am making a dk saricc. I want to be like you when i grow up.
I am making a dk saricc. I want to be like you when i grow up.
This means so much to me. I'm just glad to make others happy.
Who's Saricc? Is he Swifty's dk?

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