491 dps DK Looking for a raid group

Just recently transferred this toon away from my old, incredibly dead server. Was part of a very casual progression group, and now I'm here looking to find something akin to it. Desperately want to see ToT content before the next patch.

I can raid 8pm+ any days but wednesdays.

My schedule's pretty relaxed atm, due to being off-season for work, the only thing limiting my playtime is my son. Can't raid while he's up, but he goes down to bed around 8. So that's never presented any issues in raiding for me.

Anyways, thanks for reading. :) Have a good one.
Hi! I'm currently working on starting a second raiding team that will be raiding some time in the weekday probably, 9pm-12 ish. If you're interested, add my real ID: Insightful#1214 and we can talk. :)

Still looking... halp! :O

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