[A] Casually Serious LFM 25m

All applications can be submitted on our guild website:

<Casually Serious> is a semi-hardcore guild, meaning that while we may have a fairly relaxed raiding schedule of only 3 days/3 hrs each day, we show up focused and ready to play in those 3hrs.

After running a heroic 10man group for most of T14 <CS> decided to venture into the thunderforged world of 25s. The transition has had it's ups and downs but we are successfully fielding 25 raiders, most of which are core players, and achieving slow but steady progress for a guild of our origin and age.

Our raid times are Tues, Wed, Sunday from 8-11pm EST. During progression we open up Mondays for anyone that can make it. The Monday raid has the option of being a 10man group rather than a 25 if a complete raid cannot be formed or a fight favors the 10man format.

What you can expect from us:

*Guild leadership focused on progression
*Reliable and skilled players
*A social environment outside of raiding (PVP, Old Raids, Achieves, etc.)
*Guild repairs for raids as well as feasts (flasks as long as people are contributing to the gbank)
*Fair loot distribution in the form of an officer run loot council

What we expect from you:

*Logs from some kind of relevant content showing your mastery of your respective class. Applications submitted without an accompanying log will be rejected.
*Consistency. We only raid 9 hours a week and expect everyone to be there all 9 of those hours. Exceptions can be made of course but continuous absence from raids will result in loot probation.

Current needs:

Ele Shaman (Healing OS preferred)
Shadow Priest
Holy Pally

We encourage all potential applicants to take a few minutes to examine our WoL page and compare themselves to our current members to see how they match up.


Even if your class is not listed we are always looking for exceptional players.

For more information contact Zaylan/Zahlan or Dahl in game or on our forums.
I like this guild's name
Me too
o hi
Durumu/Primo/Animus Down

Still in need of solid ranged dps to round out our core
Hey im loking into possibly applying i find myself in need of a new home .any room for a main raiding spot for me . i come with cookies and milk
Consorts dead, setting our sights on Lei Shen.

In dire need of sugar daddys

I'd love an opportunity to be considered for the Holy Pally spot. Heres a link to my thread but you can also contact me ingame or email to talk theorycraft or simply get to know each other better!


Oh and I will also be filling out an application on your guild page cheers!

Bump still looking for solid ranged dps
Someone needs to make a guild named <Seriously Casually> or <Casually Seriously> or I suppose <Serious Casual> and <Casual Serious>.
Bump for 12/12

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