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504 Disc Priest LF guild, 5/12 normal exp. Please leave your battle tag here and I will respond. Flexible schedule.
Hi, I'm the raid lead and guild master of Remnant from Lightbringer server. <Remnant> is a progression guild that is semi-hardcore currently raiding 10 mans. We think it’s time to go back to 25 mans and can offer you an immediate core spot. We are currently 4/12N and will push to clear to get the stage for heroic modes. Going back to 25 mans will give more incentive, as well as a more flexible raid group able to tackle fights with gimmicks.

Server Info: We are NOT a dying server. We are a high population PVE server.

Schedule: Tuesday –Wednesday -Thursday raiding days, raiding from 6:30 to 9:30 pm PDT. We have optional clean-up, progression nights. As well as would like to start alt runs on off-nights.

Website: http://www.remnant-lightbringer.enjin.com

Contact me or another officer:

GM/RL of <Remnant>
Hey there! <Redux> needs you! You appear to be a great fit, and seem capable. We raid Friday and Saturday nights 9 PM - 12 AM PST. Redux is a 10-man Alliance progression guild; we love being competitive, and have some exceptional players, but above all we like to have fun. If this all sounds like a good guild for you, let me know! My battle tag is Bloodmasta#1894.
Local Defense is currently looking for skilled players. LD has been around since 2004 and is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Ner'zhul. Raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-11:00PM(PST) for our 25 man.

Current 25 man progress is as follows.
11/16 Heroic modes tier 14
12/12 Normal tier 15 working on Heroic modes now

We are always looking for skilled players with interest in progression.

Mission Statement

Our priority first and foremost is to progress. Above all we seek to see and complete the hardest possible content in the game. While we respect the fact that raiders have lives outside of the game, attendance and skill award first priority in raid.



If you cannot dps/heal/tank while moving out of things, look somewhere else. Since we limit our 25 man content to three days per week, those three days must count. In addition, your gear/spec are your responsibility. Know your optimal spec, ep values, etc. PVE is won when you do your homework. If you show up to raids without gems and enchants, don’t expect to be invited.


We push our 25 man content 3 days a week. As a result, we expect near perfect attendance. While there are limited allowances to repairs and consumables, it is your responsibility to be prepared. The guild will help in any way possible, but we do ask you put effort forward as well.


Basically, we expect you to understand what is going on before you step foot into a raid. While the best way to learn is to actually see the boss, we expect you to be as raid ready as possible. This can be done by reading strats, watching videos, and talking to people who have done the fights before.


We expect our applicants to take gearing their toons into their own hands. While raiding does offer the best gear, do not expect to be carried into raids because you can't take the time out of your day to run heroics or LFR. Raid spots are earned, not given.


Having said all of that, this is a game and we want to have fun. We want you to have fun with us. The sense of accomplishment upon downing a boss for the first time, discovering a new solution to a problem, attaining that achievement you’ve been working on for two weeks straight, getting that title, riding that pretty new Dragon. These are experiences that we enjoy. We are looking for like minded players.

APPLY AT: http://localdefense.net/

OR Contact Noidej#1995, Famousone#1108, Kashmir#1359, or Loot#1411 in game for any questions or for an interview!
We are currently looking for a reliable and skilled Disc Priest for our core 10M group. If you are able to make all of our raid times and are interested please contact us.

Server: US-Stormreaver - PVP - High pop
Faction: Horde
Raid Group: 10M
Our Website: www.darkempireguild.com
Please Contact: Real ID : xmaster_64@hotmail.com
Battle Tag: XMASTER#1777

Normal Raid Schedule:
Tuesday - 7:30-11PM CST
Wednesday - 7:30-11PM CST
Thursday - 7:30-11PM CST
Monday - 7:30-11PM CST - extra progression

Raid Progression:
Mogu'Shan Vaults: 6/6 NM 2/6 HM
Heart of Fear: 6/6 NM 0/6 HM
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4 NM 0/4 HM + Elites
Throne of Thunder: 1/12 NM

Currently Recruiting any of the listed class for core group:

Priest: (Disc/Shadow): Open
Shaman: (Resto/Ele): Open

Healers and Tanks must have a reliable DPS off spec when needed.

Dark Empire of Stormreaver is a Semi Hardcore Raiding guild.
We are a new raiding guild that was formed in early Cata as a 10M raiding guild. Due to some players having RL issue and taking a break from the game now we are back and in search of a few new players who are skilled and knowledgeable of their class and also looking for a long term home. We are a friendly and mature group of people who likes to have fun and progress at the same time love to pvp and run RBG when not raiding or running old contents. We are currently recruiting experienced reliable players with the same interest as us to push serious T15 raid content.

Raid Progression:
You must be prepared to commit to near 100% attendance, Reliable and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. Although we of course are willing to work around planned absences for things like vacations and prior commitments, A positive attitude, responsibility, and the ability to handle one's self, as an adult in game are required, We are looking for people with a genuine interest in conquering content and also expect you to be geared enough to begin raiding immediately. You must have Vent w/mic

Our current raiding schedule is Monday through Thursday from 7:30PM to 11:00PM CST. When new raiding content is available on the PTR or Beta, all raiders and recruits are expected to attend as many bosses as possible. When a new instance is released, you can expect near non-stop raiding for as long as it is necessary. Once content is being farmed, our raiding schedule will be relaxed significantly.
Hello there! We are in dire need of an excellent healer, and I think we would be a great fit for you. We need you BADLY, and you would be the *ONLY PRIEST IN THE RAID*. We raid Fri-Sat 9-12PST, we are the #3 guild on our server, and the only thing holding us back at this point is the lack of a third healer.

I would love to chat with you more. We are a passionate raid group that excels at progression, but isn't afraid to have fun as well.

My battle tag is IdiotSavante#1452 - Let's talk about it!

Thank you very much, I look forward to hearing from you.


Right now we're 1/12H in Throne.

We completed 15/16H-25 6/6H MV, 6/6H HoF and 3/4H Terrace. All 25man.

Our raids are Tues/Thurs/Sun 7:30pm-11pm EST. We may do some monday raids during progression.

I've been with the guild since 2002 in Everquest, and have known the then-founding officers since 1994 on a text mud. I'm one of the few people still around from our #1 world Ragnaros kill in vanilla.

You can contact me in game, I would be online as Kresge/Glayde/Imax/Moomins.
My RealID is Glayde#1541

Some of us also idle in IRC which can be reached at http://chat.stratics.com/sponsoredchat.html

Once you connect if you use the java client, you need to type: /join #ascent
This will enter you into our channel.

If you're familiar with IRC (IRC has been a mainstay for us since the EQ days) we're at #ascent on the stratics network : irc.stratics.com 7000

Fun fact: my authenticator ran through the washing machine and it still works fine!
(edit to fact: I just did it again this week march 7th, it still works fine!)

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415492659 (recruitment)

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7415792716 (thrall)

http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1239904 mmo
Collateral Damage is looking for more! Our guild is made of a majority of adult working professionals that have been raiding together for over 5 years. We have recently transferred to Whisperwind from Vek'nilash to help recruitment and enjoy a livelier server. We all have real lives outside of WoW, but we still raid seriously. Our goal each tier is to finish the normals and work on a few heroics; we are not trying to be a US top 100 hardcore raiding group.

With the recent success in recruitment, we are exceptionally close to 25 man raiding; however, we require a few more to solidify our ranks. Candidates should be prepared to make 2 of our 3 raids (times listed below). We use mumble for communication, and EPGP for loot distribution.

We are a mature no drama guild.

If you're interested, applications can be submitted at www.cdvek.com (we are working on moving the site soon).

Melee DPS (3 - 4)
Ranged DPS (3 - 4)

Healer (1 - 3)

Tank (1)

We currently run three raids a week:
Tuesday 9-11 PM CST (10-12 EST, 7-9 PST)
Thursday 9-11 PM CST (10-12 EST, 7-9 PST)
Sunday 8-11 PM CST (9-12 EST, 6-9 PST)

Feel free to contact me Steelbrick in game or via Battletag

11/12, www.iconicguild.net T/W/Th 7-11PM CST, Su 9PM CST for progression, 10M
Lzuruha is a professional and sponsored multi-gaming team as well gaming community and eSports coverage crew. Lzuruha was created on July 24th, 2001. The first generation of Lzuruha members began on the original battle.net playing games like StarCraft: Brood War, Diablo II and WarCraft II. We are currently Looking to get our Ten man filled we dedicated and experienced players for conquering the Throne of Thunder

Raid Days and Times:

Monday: Cleanup day
Tuesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST
Wednesday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST
Thursday: 7:00PM - 10:00PM CST

Lzuruha is currently recruiting the following for Mists of Pandaria but will accept other exceptional players not listed (please note we may pay for your transfer if your spot is needed asap):

Death Knight: High - Blood
Druid: High - Resto, Medium - Balance
Mage: Low
Monk: High - All Specs
Paladin: High - Holy
Priest: Medium - All Specs
Shaman: High - Resto, Elemantal
Warlock: High - All Specs
Warrior: Medium - DPS
Hunter: Medium - All Specs

If you think that Lzuruha is right for you, head over to http://www.mylzh.net/, register, and fill out the provided application template on our recruitment forums.

Any further questions can directed to our Officer core:

GM: Sliverfoul (Sliver#1245)
Officer: Hoöky (Hooky#1361)
Officer: Blackeness (Elderfro#1453)
Officer: Westsidefngr
Officer: Laurentt
Officer: Maxipanda
Officer: Thannil
Officer: Eldrae

Track us down in game or just hit up our message boards!

Also Lzuruha would like to thank their support and Sponsors!

Official Website: http://www.steelseries.com/

From day one, SteelSeries has been focused on making high performance gaming gear used by the most demanding, top professional gamers worldwide and peripherals that provide superior quality and a competitive edge to gamers of all skill levels. They believe, as most gamers do, in winning, not trying!

Official Website: http://www.maxfrag.net/

MaxFrag.net is the exemplar hosting company for all PC to PC communication needs. MaxFrag.net's hosting service combines the familiar Ventrilo Server client with a reliable and blazing fast direct connection to the internet. This is done through our state-of-the-art network consisting of numerous high-performance servers dedicated completely to exceeding the needs of today's hosting market.

EOREALITY Gameserver Hosting
Official Website: http://www.eoreality.com/

Lzuruha teams up with End of Reality which prides itself on providing the best service, most innovative ideas with the most knowledgeable staff in today's industry. With the highest quality performance servers in the industry they have gained the trust of top teams, organizations, and players.
www.iconicguild.net , 11/12 in 10M progression, T/W/Th 7-11PM CST with Sundays 9PM CST for progression kills.

We're a new guild that was made purely for PVE progression in 5.2 and onwards. Essentially, we're just an organized group of friends that likes to kill things - you can expect transparent leadership, a very funny (and crude) raiding environment, and a high level of skill and efficiency that's expect from all our applicants.

Impossibru#1901 if you have any more questions. This would be for a core spot as a full time healing priest.

Hey! Hit me up if you can make our times, I'd love to chat!


25 Man

Website: Theinnercitygym.guildlaunch.com

Heroic Progression: 12/12 Throne

Server: Cho'Gall

What Defines Us

There is no better way to describe us than to say we are filled with so many different personalities and characters that it is quite difficult to come across a more wild, fun group of players to play with. The majority of us have been raiding together for years and continue to compete on a high level because, most of all, we enjoy playing together. We are all friends, laugh, fight, and hate each other at times, but at the end of the day we are here for each other and love raiding together. We accomplish a lot in that short period of time. That is how we have been and plan to stay. We work hard and play hard.

Our Players

We are an extremely active guild. Our players are on constantly socializing, playing other games, doing challenges modes; in essence, always doing something. We want more from a player than just a strong WoL. We look for someone who exhibits a personality, skill, dedication, commitment, and most of us all perseverance. Combined, these traits make up what we define as having the "it factor." Every day we try to be stronger than we were the day before, and that is what us unique.

Goals and Aspirations

-25 Man.

-We are and have been the #1 guild on the realm. We plan to keep it that way.

-We are striving to be in the top 25-50 US ranks in the shortest allocated amount of time as possible.

Our Current Players and Future Players Expectations

-Extremely competent players who want to be apart of a guild that comes from a long range of history and notable achievements.

-Players who can fit in with us. Keep in mind many of us have known each other for a long period of time. This is not saying we are filled with clique's, but have a personality and something to you, we like to get to know our raiders.

-Know everything about you're class. We are not here to teach you how to play. We all are busy outside of this game, but that does allow any of us to slack off. We have high goals and the only way to achieve those are through dedication and commitment.

Raid Hours

-Tuesday: 8-12CST

-Wednesday: 8-12CST

-Thursday: 8-12CST

-Sunday: 8-12CST

When a new patch releases our raid hours are extended in order to accomplish and tackle server & US first kills. This is expected for roughly the first and second week then we tone the hours down to normal raid times.

Cheated's RealID: Global4545@aol.com

Cheers & Thanks for Considering The Inner City Gym!

<Casual Scrubs> is currently looking for a healing priest. We're a 10 man Alliance guild that raids Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday from 8:15-12:00 EST. We're currently 1/13 H (and of course 12/12 N) and last tier were 15/16H with P2 attempts on Sha before the patch hit.

Our opening is immediate and a core spot. Please check out our website at casualscrubs.guildlaunch.com, and my battletag as per your request is Anubis#1646. Look forward to hearing from you.
Hey there!

<Twisted Mayhem> is a Casual raiding guild looking for a Core Healer to join our ranks.
We are currently 4/12 ToT with Megeara down 5 heads after 4 pulls. Previously we were 16/16N 4/16H. Our philosophy is to get the job done efficiently but have a good time doing it

We raid from 8-11pm server time (PST) Tues/ Wends/ Sun*
*Sunday is our optional raid day and is based on attendance. Thus far has been about 95% of the time we raid

2-heal partner is a Resto Sham(not the one listed in the logs). Our 3rd healer when needed is a Resto druid.

Here is a link to our most recent logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/130613/
Check out the ones from 3/12 – 3/14 & 3/19

If interested please contact me at Jtrush55#1998 and i will gladly fill you in on more info! Check out our website and/or apply at www.tm-wow.com

Best of luck.

10/16H pre 5.2, 8/12n ToT

Outlandish is an alliance guild on the Velen server focused on progression, achievements, fun, and quality play. We formed on Velen in 2009, although a number of the members of the guild have been playing together for 5+ years. We desire to find more similar minded people that want to progress through Mists of Pandaria and beyond while not raiding 30 hours a week. We can offer you a stable, mature (sometimes) raiding environment.

We raid from 9 PM EST - Midnight EST Tuesday - Thursday. At our current schedule of 9 hours per week, we rank 16th in the US among guilds that raid 9 hours or less per week for 5.1/T14. As a result of our short raiding time, we expect people to be ready to rock right at 9 pm (invites @ 8:45,) and we pull and run back quickly to maximize our raiding time. We're the leading 25 man guild on Velen and have achieved server first Grand Crusader, Death's Demise, and Light of Dawn, as well as numerous individual server first achievements.

We are a very active guild, so if you're the type of person who logs on only for raids and then right off again, then this is probably not the guild for you. We also field a rated battleground team and will be looking to field an alt raid soon.

We generally accept the concept that people have lives outside of the game. To hedge against players occasionally missing a raid night for adequate reasons, we typically carry a conservative roster of 34-36 players. The officers are objective and fair in rotating players in and out of the bench, so all players see equal playing time under normal circumstances. At our current roster of 33, we're on the hunt for any exceptional applicants heading into 5.2 and beyond, but have slight preference for the following classes:

Feral Druid (Kitty; Bear offspec a plus)
Death Knight (DD; Blood offspec a plus)
Shaman (Elemental or Enhancement)
Healers (Paladins, Priests Mistweavers preferred)
*Exceptional players of any class are encouraged to apply

Lesser need for:
Monk (Windwalker; Brewmaster offspec a plus)

At the same time, we're also on the market for good players (pretty sure it's a healer we're on the market for) for our RBG team atm. It runs from 8 EST to Midnight EST (at the latest, though it generally ends a bit earlier) Sundays (we've just added this day this week & we'll see how it works out) & Mondays.

Check us out at http://outlandish.dkpsystem.com (fill out an app!) or send a tell to Mindwarp (Mindwarp#1342), Gistwiki (Gistwiki#1686,) Morwen, Park(Park#1268), or Dukc with any questions. Hope to hear from you!
Blue Label @ Barthilas is looking for 1 amazing Discipline Priest.

We are 1/13H 25man.

Our raid times are (GMT+10):

Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday - 730ST to 11ST (PM) with raid invites going out at 720ST (PM).

Pst Hanul / Jinbei ingame or put an app straight away at blue-label.org!
Greetings Elliechan,

I've gathered a group of individuals from previous and current top 20 US guilds and I'm looking for a block tank and holy pally/disc priest. Given your history, I think you would fit in nicely with our group. Our schedule is going to be Tu-Th, 8-11 est. Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss a bit more. Illistic#1603
Malice is 25m raiding guild looking to fill a few roles, leadership here in Malice is all veterans of this game, we have been playing together and raiding since Vanilla and have stayed competative in all content and would like that to continue,Mature 18+ atmosphere.


25-Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6N - 3/6HM

-Heart Of Fear: 6/6N

-Terrace Of Endless Spring: 4/4N (Elite Protectors)

-Throne Of Thunder: 4/12


Raid days Tues, Weds,Thurs - 7pm - 10pm Server CST

We will supply-Flasks -Pots-Enchants -Gems -Food -Repairs


Only the people who perform will hold raid spots we are not interested in having to carry suck pumps, all we ask is you show up and give 100% Contact me in game or any officer for more info.


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