Blood DK LF 25 Man Guild

Hello, I am recently getting back into raiding since Cata ended. I am 504 ilevel right now. I am looking for a 25 man team to get back into progression with. My experience-

TBC- Killed a few raid bosses here and there, nothing special. No real guilds
WOTLK- Cleared naxx, Besies KT, 10 and 25 man. Ulduar 25 man all hardmodes, besides alagon in 10 man. TOGC 5/5 10/25, ICC 11/12 hm 25 man, 12/12 10
Cata- 10/13 hardmode raid leading, 13/13 hardmode in GDKP. 5/7 hm firelands raid leading, 7/7 hardmode with Stimulate. 8/8 heroic ds with Stimulate.

I am availible from 7pm-12pm server, sun-thurs. My battletag is akayden#1611.

Thanks for considering me, hope to hear from some guilds with the opening soon. Will apply also, just finding a guild that has a tank spot open is a rare thing.
I also cleared 16/16 reg pugging since I got back, and was top 20 on server for 6/6 msv reg in the beginning of mop. I took a break from that point until 5.2 release
You find a guild yet?
you ok with 10man or just strictly looking for 25man? Because we have a tank spot open for 10man but we are looking to go back to 25man soon
Looking for a devolped and well run 25 man guild that is currently raiding, not building up. thanks though
cool beans, dont blame ya i prefer 25man myself, hate doing 10mans. good luck in the guild search
akayden!! its theechamp i added u player

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