The Right Professions to Make Money

I've been trying to work my way up on getting money, but this toon is bit on the incapable side of doing mob-killing dailies without me wanting to scream. I'm working on another 90 which can provide that, but I also want to prepare for any profession leveling for that toon and such.

What is some good professions to make money off of? I heard Jewelcrafting is a good monkeymaker on my realm, Engineering does alright, so many undercutting in flasks for Alchemy, but tips for making CDs is alright. Herbs sell well; not sure for ores and leather, though. The PvP gear sells fairly well and so forth.

(I never understood the buy low, sell high part of life yet it's effective on my realm.)

Although the realms vary, what seems to be a good combo to work with? This toon has max Herbalism/Alchemy and the money flows in fairly well. I just lack in the Golden Lotus department at times. I may pick up Mining/JC for my other 90 alt though I'm sure people prefer to min/max yet I'm not much on the poor nor rich side to pay for most mats (since sometimes I'll have to go out there myself as some prices can be ridiculous).
Drop Herbalism and pick up either Inscription or Jewelcrafting. With Inscription, you can invest time to get the materials before switching. With Jewelcrafting, you could switch to mining, invest time, get the materials and switch. Build synergy in your professions across characters and work them on a weekly basis. If you plan your materials for patch release day, you can easily make hundreds of thousands of gold.

A general rule of thumb: If you can't make money purchasing materials off the Auction House, you're not making money gathering.

For dailies: you need a Feral Spec. Put the character in basic PVP gear, reforge to get your hit to 7.5% and have fun.

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