Fire Mage PVP Damage - 1/2-2/3 of 5.1

My survivability is up with Flameglow but my damage in an average BG is 1/2-2/3 of what it was. I was right up there with Hunters and DK's and now I am not even close. It surprising given I can only see a 10% reduction Pyro and no spread on Living Bomb.

There must be other mechanics at play to impact dmg so much.
The thing I dont understand is how they can buff frostbolt so much, buff mirror image etc, which all buff frost, then nerf fire. Frost was already the most favoured spec in arenas and bgs and fire was good but not that good that a similar geared frost mage couldnt take you down.

Then, add to that, the fact that the fire glyphs and talents are mostly crap for pvp.

Theres no fire minor glyphs.

Then insult to injury: big buff for rogues, increased damage to dks...the only thing that helps fire mages in arena, will be nerf to 2nd wind.

Edit: also noticed the nerf to KJ's cunning talent for locks...yunno...asif locks were really that bad compared to dks.
Agreed. I already had difficulties with DK's before their buff. Now, as you point out, you can add Rogues and Monks to the list of classes that really give us grief. I still like fire and am not going to change but this nerf seemed unnecessary.

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