Calling all Colorado WoW players!

Aerie Peak
A new group is starting for a Colorado based Alliance (and Horde if someone is willing to lead) RBG team. We will run RBGs 1-2 times weekly while at least once a month meet for an RBG Lan Party. Ideally you’ll be close enough to Denver to join us. The first few times we meet will be at Clutch Arena ( which runs $10/5hr session.

So far our team consists of:

  • Blood / Frost Death Knight
  • Restoration Shaman
  • Holy Paladin
  • Fury/Arms Warrior

We are looking for at least:

  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Balance Druid / Elemental Shaman
  • Shadow Priest

All classes/specs please apply. While skill and experience would be nice, location and personality will be most important. The only minimum character requirement would be that you are level 90 with full Malevolent Honor Gear by the time we start (hopefully in the next 30 days). There is no server restriction, however please make sure you are able to at least reach your Arena Conquest cap each week, if your server is dead (i.e. no way to find an arena partner) please be willing to transfer.

If you are interested, and/or know someone who might be, please visit (or have them visit): and fill out the brief application.

Even though this is primarily an Alliance team, go ahead an apply if you are horde and this idea interests you. If enough Horde are interested and someone is willing to lead the RBG, I’ll get the second team formed.

Thank you all for your time, this will be fun!

P.S. If you only have a class that is already listed on the team, please still apply. The characters listed would probably be willing to play another character if it meant getting a group going.
Don't PvP but that's an awesome thing to do :D

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