5.2 destro lock help

Ok so after going off of what icy veins and noxxic both said about destro for 5.2 I think it severely gimped my dps.

I previously was using GoSac and had my stat priority at mastery>crit> haste and reforged all haste on my gear to hit until cap then mastery. This setup worked out fine as I'm usually the top dps in my guild (keep in mind we are still only in HoF). Today after reading the guides new stat priority of crit>haste>mastery for 5.2 I followed dr. robot on icy veins and refored and re-gemmed my gear and went GoSup with the observer. After doing a 5 man I went from normally doing well over 100k+ dps to about 70-75k. What's going on here!?

I haven't been in a raid with this yet but why was dps so low in a frickin 5 man? Does this setup only work with a higher ilvl than my 493? I just spent money on the gems and reforges and don't feel like switching everything back just to switch it again later on down the line, but I will if need be to get my dps back up. Any help here would be appreciated cause I'm stumped as to why this nerfed my dps. Rotation suggestions included.
My preference (as well as what I'm simming) is haste > crit > mastery although all of them are fairly close.

5 mans skew this though, since Destro in 5 mans is essentially just building up embers during trash and blowing up the bosses. Most trash doesn't last very long and there are a lot of AoE pulls. In dungeons you're likely going to see mastery > crit > haste as still best whether you use Sac or Sup.

A 5-10 minute fight you'd see in a raid is when you'd see those simmed values making sense.
yes in time everyone gets better gear and when you do go into a 5 man things go down so fast no worries aoe everythin but boss save embers and all cool downs for the boss
the reason why the new priority is because if you look at mr robot select the pve or pvp builds theres another for pve just for grimoire of sacrifice thats the stats you had before.
if you use grim of sac then go back to the hit>mastery>crit>haste if you don't use it then its

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