[Addon]Skillet - How To Show Inventory?

I've been using Gnomeworks forever as a crafting addon, but it seems to not be working with 5.2, so I was going to switch to Skillet, but I can't seem to figure out how to have it show what Glyph inventory I have in the bank, in the mail, on the AH and in my bags to easily determine what I need to craft.

Anyone using this mod that might be able to help me out?
I don't see that listed as a feature of Skillet. Might try Tradeskill Master. Pretty sure it has modules to do this.
I've been using skillet for years and Im like 90% sure thats not something Skillet can do. I believe theres an addon called TradeSkillMaster or something thats meant for making money from professions
Combine Skillet with another inventory management system, such as Altoholic. At least you can mouse over items to see your item count.

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