<Sicarii> [H] 25m Late Night Weekend LFM

<SICARII> New Guild Transfer!

We are looking for exceptional players to join our ranks in this next wave of 25M content! The original core of the guild were hard-core raiders belonging to former Top 150 US guilds that had retired for the second half of Cataclysm and returned for the release of Pandaria. We would love to add members with similar drive and/or experience.

If you are looking to make progression in a fun-loving but driven and mature environment , then this is the place for you!

We did get a bit of a late start this expansion.

We currently raid 3 nights a week during the end of the week.

CURRENT PROGRESSION (as 10M): 16/16N, 2/16H (as 25m): 1/12 ToT

SUNDAYS: 9PM to 12AM - EST (Clean Up Day)


Looking for 1 Tank or a DPS with a tank off spec

Seeking Backup Healers.

Seeking 2-3 DPS, 1 Melee 2 Ranged. Prefer Ret Pally, Hunter, Mage, but open to other classes/specs.

Seeking also additional healers and various DPS to solidify the group as a 25M force so there is never any waiting for raid to start or need to find PUGS.

Raiders are expected to know their main specialization to the fullest extent, and at least a working knowledge of other specs in your class; this includes knowing the proper stat priorities, glyphs, talents, and best in slot items. We ask that our Raiders show up prepared with proper gems, enchants, and knowledge of the current raid encounters.

Raiding supplies such as flasks, potions, and food are provided by Guild Bank (all members of the guild with Raider ranking and up are expected to contribute to the bank in at least some form throughout the week).

In return you can expect a solid leadership and a camaraderie among guild mates that is not seen in most guilds. Dedication, skill, and knowledge can be found here and gives us the solid base to work our way up the progression ladder to be one of the best guilds on the realm.

You may contact our raid leadership through their RealID number listed below and have your interview either in-game or through voice chat via Mumble (server information provided once the friend request in game has been accepted).

*Please include your character’s name, class, mainspec/offspec, and iLVL in the friend request message if using RealID*

Recruitment - Outlaw#1324 (In-Game: Zean)
Head Raid Leader – ExtoJames#1135 (In-Game: Exto)
Guild Master - Evieberry#1620 (In-Game: Oryhime)

Apply Now!

Thank you, and happy gaming!
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