[H]LF1M Healer ToT Fri Mar15 @ 7:30pmPT

[H] <Peccavi> LF1M healer for Throne of Thunder, on Friday, March 15 @ 7:30pm PT (server time). This is a mostly guild run, and we are currently 2/12.

We are looking for somebody with at least 16/16 experience in the previous tier and ilvl 490+. Prefer disc/holy priest, resto druid, or resto shaman.

Please send an in-game message or mail to Salvadorpali (Salvadorpali#1146), or Erysse (Sharahbear#1810), for further details.
Still looking for a healer.

We are also willing to shift roles and bring in a holy pally as well.
Still looking.

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