493 Hpally LF 5.2 Raiding Guild.

Hello, I am Slalbs the holy healing cow.

Ive recently transferred back to Arthas after suffering on an alliance based server with only a couple of decent horde raiding groups.

I'm personable, helpful, I listen to suggestions, have raid awareness, and, my raiding times are very flexible pref evenings weekdays/weekends.

My tier 14 raid progression has been slow, but i am 15/16 with a heroic protectors kill on ToES.

I know my class, and play it pretty well in my opinion pulling around 60-70k hps right now. I think it could be better but Im willing to learn.

I am 1/12 in ToT, and know 2/12 with experience.

I'm usually on alot so send a in game message or reply to me here, thanks for your time.
hey, could you add jfurry#1543? we'll talk
Will do.
DUMSTER is currently looking for a healer with a dps OS. We are currently 3/13 in ToT and were 6/16H last tier. I have a post on the firms as well with more info about our group, you can also check out www.dumpsterguild.wix.com/gaming or feel free to message me in game at any point.

495 Ilvl now.

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