Warlock Green Fire?

Earthen Ring
Has anyone managed to complete the quest? The last boss is insanely hard for someone with my gear levels. Need tips from the pros!
Our guild's warlock has he said last boss took him like an hour (hour straight?) and hes in half heroic gear
Yeah, Canna said he did it on the PTR but iirc will wait for more gear before doing it on live due to the difficulty of the last fight.
I did it in 7 attempts with an item level of only 491.
it's really not that hard once you get the hang of how it works.
Happy to answer questions!
I'm not going to even think about how many times I wiped on that boss on my lock. But I had only been playing a lock for two weeks when I got it. Just going to say fel hunters suck A$$ and keep at it, once you get it your going to love it

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