Mogu treasure room problems

whats a quick way to run to the end of that treasure room? i feel like warriors are one of the worst classes to do it since its based on mobility.
Don't forget to intervene to your banners on cd. Other than that, not much to be done. I just Leeroy it.
Yeah, that Scenario is pretty horrid for Warriors since we're one of the slowest moving classes.
yea i focused on the first room mostly. If i get another key next time im going try out just running through to the end and trying to get the last guy down before time is up.
Glyph of Enraged Speed helps a little and tapping zerkers rage.
Can you use Darkwater Potions while in the scenerio?
Is this a joke?

My warrior smashed through the scenario with greater success than my hunter.

One of the most mobile classes is too slow?

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