Green fire quest, quest item

Does any body else find it ridiculous to start the quest to get the green fire you have to be the quickest shift clicker :S why not give every individual warlock a chance to get it instead of just making the fastest looter win!
so apparently some people looted it twice, even triple times and were able to SELL IT! which makes it even more ridiculous!!! now because of people's GREED we get even LESS chances to obtain it!!! blizz you are MASTERS of fukin up the things..give NOBEL PRICE TO GHOSTCRAWLER please..he deserves it!!!

fukin unbelieveble..
yes, you can ban me from entering the forum..because i used that "F" word..OOOH!!!!
After farming the rares for 7 hours I was able to get it. First time I saw it drop. Not sure if I got it because no other warlocks where there nor what.
@ Diacon I could not agree with you more. There is a reason I take such long breaks from playing WoW. I honestly dont know to many people that think the game in general runs on a good system that is designed to make players happy. Most people I play with say that the game is crap, but the 10 percent of the time it shines, it shines like no other game, and that is why they keep coming back. Its why I come back... The Current system is designed to be long and drawn out and painful to try and milk money from players month after month. That is the first priority they have. Making a great game, that is balanced , fun, and fair is probably not even on the first page of the list. Its a great game, but its a horrible game too. I think a lot of this happened when Activision bought Blizzard. Blizzards slogan should be "At blizzard we make great games...Suck" Its like they just come up with ideas in a meeting and implement them without actually thinking any of it through or testing it out at all. Blizzard QA must be the best job in the world, because I'm pretty sure they don't do anything at all.
I didn't know how rare it was. I guess I got lucky getting it from the first rare I killed when I got to Isle of Thunder on my lock. *puts up flame shield*
lol thread necro.

The rares are extremely soloable, when I farmed black prince rep I got four, helped another lock get his, and this was after I'd already completed the black harvest scenario. Getting the book is by far the easiest part of the Kanrethad questline.
necroed like a boss
Yea, this is no longer relevant. You normally solo rares now.
dude where did you start???
d-d-d-d-d-d-double necro

04/25/2014 08:25 PMPosted by Warlocktime
dude where did you start???

2013? huh.....

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