SAT/SUN AM seeks SPRIEST with disc or holy OS

Guild Recruitment
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Hunters, and warlocks, where are you?
Servers are back up!
Please feel free to look for me in-game, Cynderella#1460, as I look forward to chatting with you! :)
WOW! I really am seeing there is quite the interest in weekend mornings! :)
Where are all the weekend morning raiders at?
I want to know! :)
Group is looking in prime time shape to start for sure by next weekend, Saturday, April 23rd.
Would love to talk to some primary healers, as well, or even those with strong off-sets!
On your lunch break?
At home?
I am online right now!
Thank you to those I've already spoken to.
This is definitely going to be a reality.
Looking forward to it!
Let's do it!
Who else is ready and can't wait to get more into TOT?
Even if I haven't specifically listed your class/spec in the needs, check with me @ Cynderella#1460. Thanks!
If you get home from work and you're curious and want to chat and see what we're about... I'd be glad for the chance to speak with you!
What's cookin' tonight?
Really have enjoyed everyone I have spoken with today.
Did I mention that?
you want me to add you in game dont know if you got it or not drizzy#1635
im a hunter btw you sent me a message via in game
Still online for a bit more here this evening.
Have spoken with a few more of you this evening, as well.
Oh, hey. Still on! :)

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