SAT/SUN AM seeks SPRIEST with disc or holy OS

Guild Recruitment
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Alright, guess I'm hitting the sack for the night.
Please do add me and let's chat tomorrow!
Another new day!
As a reminder, I am willing to talk to those who are coming as a group!
Stopping at NOTHING.
Making it my JOB to finish assembling this pro team!
Could be interested ... you yourself are a mage I see, gg for me lol xd
Awesome, Jaîna!

If anyone else would like to chat, Cynderella#1460.
Did I mention... TGIF?!
Again, looking to BE READY by Saturday, March 23!
Weekend AM TOT!
Who's with me?
Getting closer to the weekend.
Be a great time to talk the business!
It's the weekend!
Bump, bump, bump it up!
It's the weekend, so let's chat weekend AM crew.
I'm online NOW and would love to chat, Cynderella#1460.
Be glad to fill in the "finer details".
Got on, got Oondasta down and now looking to speak with more weekend AM crew members!
Sadly, Saturday is drawing to a close.
But we still have the evening and a whole other weekend day left!
Just as a reminder, the server is GOREFIEND, a PVP server.
Would love to chat with some HEALERS!
Still looking for a couple more!
Are you still looking for heals and are you still dead set on 495 IL

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