SAT/SUN AM seeks SPRIEST with disc or holy OS

Guild Recruitment
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We are pretty firm on the iLvl, yes.
Tomorrow is SUNDAY!
Everybody's livin' for the weekend!
Our guild offers so much more! I would love chat with you about our guild, and your potential new home!
Going to bed for the night soon, but that doesn't mean it's the last chance to chat!
Still have all day tomorrow to chat, too!

499 Boomkin add me id love to talk!
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
UPDATED to reflect we are no longer seeking melee.
May have rounded out there ranged team, stand-by!
Have been chatting all morning!
Team is looking GOOD!
Have talked to a few tanks and healers, but would like to have a full-formed, committed team at this point. Are you a TANK or a HEALER interested? PST!
HEALERS and TANKS - looking at YOU, now!
Put in an app! :)
Lillynne, I am so looking forward to raiding with you!
UPDATED to reflect current position(s) remaining!
Are there any SHADOW PRIESTS with viable HOLY specs out there?
Looking to chat with YOU!
DESPERATELY SEEKING SHADOW PRIEST with HOLY SPEC! Okay, not desperately, but I'm on the lookout! PST!
WANTED: Shadow priest with HOLY OS.

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