SAT/SUN AM seeks SPRIEST with disc or holy OS

Guild Recruitment
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This is our KEY, last and final position!
SWING healer, double duty.
Primarily DPS and heals on an as-need basis.
Can find me in-game, Cynderellla#1460.
Not raiding? Want to be?
Find yourself fitting all requirements here?

Don't hesitate to message me!
WANTED: Swing Healer!
Knows how to DPS and can heal for 3 heal fights!
Would also be willing to consider a double transfer, combination of swing healer and tank to round out our team.
Would also consider shadow priest -OR- warlock in lieu of swing healer position.
UPDATED, once again
Some exciting things are happening in <SCH>!
Please also, again, do feel free to speak with me in-game, Cynderella#1460, as I can answer any questions you have about the team, or our current needs!
LF 2 more... LF YOU!
If you are thinking you missed me, fear not, I'll be getting ONLINE momentarily!
Again, emphasis on those 495+ with past heroic experience!
Our current guild progress is 11/12 TOT
<SCH> = Street Corner Horde, one of the longest running guilds on the Gorefiend server!
This is Street Corner Horde!
We are still searching for the perfect addition(s) to our team!

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