<A> After Avalon 6/12 ToT seeking Range DPS

After Avalon is an alliance level 25 guild that is currently seeking committed and dedicated dps for its 10m raid team. We raid Tuesday through Thursday 8-11pm server time. We are 6/12 ToT 10m and hope to quickly push through normal modes and move directly into heroic modes. 500+ilvl

If you have questions, please whisper Barbie, Andralsong, Maybe or Alesea.

Check us out at http://after-avalon.guildlaunch.com
any need for a resto shammy
Currently, we are in need of one awesome dps. However, Sky, I will keep you in mind for the future!
502 Shadow priest (Holy OS) PST or mail me in game.
Opening trial for one range dps. Looking for a Mage, Boomkin, Lock, or Shadow Priest. 500+ilvl. If you have a chill personality, awareness and high dps we would love to discuss raiding!
We are now 6/12 with good work on Durumu
Still looking for an awesome range dps
Must have ranged dps.

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