Nothern Stanglethorn (Rebels without a clue)

I just realized I never did this quest and i cant find this quest and im not sure how to get to northern stranglethorn. Please help lo
You're level 32, and Northern Stranglethorn's level range is 25-30. If you still want to do the zone, you can find the Rebel Camp (where the questline for the zone starts) in the far north of the zone, just south of the border with Duskwood. Otherwise, you'd do better to find a more level appropriate zone to quest in (such as the Cape of Stranglethorn, just to the south).
You can pick up Rebels Without a Clue from Sister Elsington at Raven Hill in Duskwood.
yeah i know i am to high i had it and kind of forgot about it and now i cant find it

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