T14 4pc Playstyle?

I've seen the discussion before about T14 vs T15 and have experimented with both. My actual effective healing goes up roughly 15-20k HPS over say a 6-8 minute fight with the T14 4pc, as well as making the healing "rotation" feel much more fluent. This is not a plea for Blizzard to buff my class nor is it a number crunch thread. I would simply like to hear their input or thought process on how our playstyle changes when either gaining or losing the 4pc bonus. I see even Nodzz and Bobina from <Blood Legion> are retaining their T14 bonus. Sure they're in heroic tier with VP upgrades, but with the nerfs to the prior content and some new gear, it shouldn't be too difficult to get the heroic set (aside from the helm).

Could the change to holy shock be made baseline? Is there another way, aside from reverting back to T13 with HR>HR>HS>LoD spam, to create a much more smooth flow of HP generation?

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