What a nice dream

I had a great dream last night. I dreamed that there was a raiding guild somewhere on Stormrage, that raids only 6-9 hours per week.. and if 9, not three nights in a row. They don't start before 8:30 PM ST, and they don't go later than 1 AM ST, Sunday through Thursday. Some people would label them as casuals because of the short hours, but in their raid hours, they make the most of their time. They bring their A game and get bosses down, always able to clear normals before nerfs or new content, and maybe some heroics. They don't let progression wipes get them down, because they know hard fights will make the first kill all that much sweeter. Ways to fix problems are discussed with cool heads, and people own up to their mistakes and do their best to fix them. While dedicated to the game, people keep in perspective that in the end, it really is just a video game and is meant to be fun. On off hours, people are social and friendly, and the guild is not a ghost town.

Oh, and they needed a rogue and resto druid, too.

It was a great dream... then I woke up...
Hey there! Ungodly Wrath is looking for raiders that can raid tues, thurs, Sund from 10:30 pm -1:30am server time. We are 15/16N. We are really looking for players that like to research and fine tune their class. We would love to have someone who has done most of the fights in MoP, but thats not a barrier to membership. Please message myself, Viks, Ironyman or Zakaveli on line. Also check us out online at www.UngodlyWrath.com.
Wow... Guess that dude missed the time part... Lawl

Well!!! Unchained raids Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 9-12 server and our core 1 really needs a resto Druid.. Core 2 is Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 and needs a rogue.. BOOOYA

Ask anyone that's raided with us and see if a voice has ever been raised, we all hae eachothers phone numbers and been raiding since vanilla together. Can't get anymore casual than that BUT when we raid play time is no more and everyone in the core works as a team and has a say so what happens in the guild. We are a group of GMs!

We just went to the new hours last week. We went 16/16 in 1 month with 3/16 heroic on this server and was raiding 2 days a week.. We currently are 2/12 ToT first week so far have 1 more raid day this week and only 1 shot first boss and called it a night in less than an hour due to many had flu.

Dream well while checking us out at unchainedsr.enjin.com

The only thing we don't fit is we do raid 3 nights in a row but it is Mon/Tues/Wed so there is a substantial break in between, we also frequently raid on alts on weekends and pursue challenge modes/BGs/etc. You seem pretty clever if you like what we have to offer feel free to fill an app on our site or contact our officers ingame.

Inc Guild Spam:

Rage is a semi-hardcore 25m guild on Stormrage, a PVE EST server in a Chicago Datacenter. Most of our members are students or young professionals; we have few if any minors and intend to keep it that way.

The guild raided heroic modes on Baelgun during Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm (highest rank achieved was US 69) with a 12 hour raid schedule. After a short break (the GM left the game to get married, purchase a house, etc) we moved to Stormrage shortly before the start of Mists of Pandaria.

If you are a skilled and friendly player looking for progression on a minimal raid schedule Rage could be a great fit.

Raid Information:
Days: Mon, Tue, Wed
Times: 9:30 PM till 1:00 AM EST

We are always willing to consider exceptional players of all classes, however we are actively seeking the following:

- Rogue
- Warlock
- Holy Paladin
- Shadow Priest
- Hunter
- Mage
- Mistweaver Monk

In addition to the openings above, we are always open to ANY exceptional player that is willing to compete for a CORE spot.

Current ToT Progression:
7/12 25m

History of Guild Milestones include:
US 92 H: Beth'tilac (25) - July 28
US 73 H: Lord Rhyolith (25) - July 14
US 64 H: Shannox (25) - July 6
US 159 H: Sinestra (25) - June 21
US 157 H: Cho'gall (25) - May 29
US 165 H: Nefarian (25) - May 6
Level 25 – April 6
US 162 H: Valion and Theralion (25) – March 31
US 171 H: Omnotron Defense System (25) – March 25
US 209 H: Magmaw (25) – March 16

We require our members and applicants to all have:
1) A solid connection and an excellent computer
2) Good attendance
3) Working microphone and mumble installed
4) A parse from World of Logs or WoWMeter
5) A winning attitude

Loot Distribution
We award loot via loot council that takes into consideration attendance, performance, Best In Slot items, items currently worn, and last item received. Loot information can be found here: http://rageraiding.com/?page_id=8

Contact Us
If this sounds like what you’re looking for in a guild, you've got several means to reach us.

Website: http://rageraiding.com

In-Game: Jettox (Officer), Xeddy (Officer).

Jettox Real ID: Ray#1923
Xeddy Real ID: Triph#1140

If you are interested in applying online, the application is here: http://www.rageraiding.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=11

We hope to hear from you soon and wish you luck in your guild search.

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill
We're still looking for a home that matches our schedule and progression (3/12N*), and that needs our roles. The schedule is definitely the hardest part.

*I have Jin'rokh and Council down due to being absent on the wrong night. Druid has all 3.

Logs and raid history viewable here:


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