Is it just me or is t15 a tad overtuned.

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Is it just me or are the fights in 10m normal a little over the top early on in the tier and then get easier as the tier goes on? It seems like compared to other tiers the progression is quite behind the norm.
Do you mean 15?
No you are just a bit undergeared. In my opinion their difficulty is tuned just right becuase an easy raid is a boring raid.
Horridon and Council will get a LOT easier as you gear up. If you can kill a large Horridon add before the next lands, and if you can take down a Council member the required amount before he starts nuking, you've got the fight.

I can't help but admire the design really, it's challenging for us now, but in a few weeks time we'll move through it quickly and onto other fights which will then be challenging.
Gear helps, but the difficulty is all over though. Jin'rokh is easy. There's a decent jump with Horridon/Council. Tortos is pretty easy. Megaera is a lot more difficult (though easier now than before w/ the nerf to put it in line with 25, but I'd still rank it maybe the 3rd hardest fight). Ji-kun is fairly easy, at least on 10. Durumu's somewhere in the middle. Primordius and Animus are easy. Iron Qon is decently difficult. Consorts is a joke. Lei Shen is decently difficult. Keep in mind when I say difficult, it's relative to the other fights in the instance and not necessarily that I think the fight is hard, and it's coming in with a fully heroic geared raid.

It's hard to really say that the difficulty has to scale linearly as you progress. Ideally it does, but some mechanics are "interesting" but translate to not being very difficult to deal with or vice versa. But at the same time, it is a bit silly to go from wiping on Iron Qon for a few hours (mostly due to us failing to deal with arc lightning properly) to 2-shotting Consorts though.
Pretty sure it's on par with Ulduar and ICC in terms of difficulty.
Pretty sure it's on par with Ulduar and ICC in terms of difficulty.

The progression data don't support this conclusion.
Jin'rokh is Morchok 2.0.

A large part of it also depends on whether or not your healers' classes can cure disease.

Let me guess, your DPS don't know how to move
Let me guess, you run 25-man - hey I was right.

What does that have to do with anything...? s/he is right.
03/15/2013 02:19 AMPosted by Tewa
On a 25-man, you have more aoe slows to keep the adds from hitting people.

Uh...duh? again, what does this have to do what s/he said? sorry but it seems like you're trying to use excuses for your raids play, or lack thereof.
03/14/2013 11:50 PMPosted by Osmeric
Pretty sure it's on par with Ulduar and ICC in terms of difficulty.

The progression data don't support this conclusion.

What's your concept of an appropriately tuned raid, in a world with three difficulty settings? I'm curious, because you've been posting here for years arguing that everything is overtuned.

Do you not like the LFR for randoms, normal modes for organised guilds, heroics for guilds who want a challenge model? Or do you not think they live up to it?
What it has to do with what I said is explained in the post. Try reading the whole thing instead of just quoting the first line and giving an ignorant reply.

I actually did read the whole thing, the simple thing you're either not getting or ignoring is that what's stopping your guys in 10 man from slowing and/or moving? your inability to provide an actual answer - instead of an excuse - doesn't make my reply "ignorant." You don't need one if your DPS know how to move, but go right ahead and keep trying.

I just took a look at your raid comp, you have a Hunter, SP, and Mage - all of which can at least slow, if not root and stun. The Hunter himself can slow multiple targets at once, while DPSing, but putting a bit of stress on him. That's not taking into account the Ret, Feral, or Rogue.
Oh a 25-man, half your DPS can kite the adds around, leaving the other half to kill them

If your DPS don't know how to kill low health adds while kiting I honestly don't know what to tell you but "I'm sorry."

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