Balance Symbiosis

What class should a Balance Druid usually Symbiosis?
For pvp I go for warlock usually. Other than that I do paladin or DK. I will also do mage every so often because mirror image works well with displacer beast.

For pve I'd imagine it really only matters who needs an ability from you.
Really depends on what you need it for.

For pvp, i'd go with some better utility for the group. Purge from Shamans (for RBG kill targets, spam the crap out of purge), Intervene from Warriors (intervene teammates to help them cap bases), Mass Dispel from a Priest (freedoms, popping bubbles/ice block). Those are three I use a ton. I also use Pally for HoJ but its individual/personal and I try to go with stuff that will greatly benefit my entire RBG team and not just me. :P Rogue was also good to an extent -- I used to cloak/displacer in arena to restealth completely ... but since DB got nerfed, I don't symb with a rogue anymore.

For pve, i'd go with stuff like AMS from a DK or Unending Resolve from a Warlock. Just to reduce damage during encounters. Even at one point, I had taken MD from the Hunters just to make sure the tanks had aggro.
For me...

PvP : Rogue > DK > Mage > Warlock
PvE : Mage
PvP : Rogue > DK > Mage > Warlock

Tbh a target drop on a 3 min cd really isn't worth it in pvp, especially when you could be getting so much better. Ams, cloak, Unending Resolve, HoJ are all far superior.
For me:

PVP- Warlock, Paladin, Rogue, DK

PVE- All are pretty bad on our end but I will place on a mage usually in random groups. Warlock, rogue, or dk are also good choices here if you expect to be taking alot of (magic) damage.

PVE wise its generally a good idea to place on someone who gets a great ability from us though, as our return abilities are all generally worse than the ability that they get from us
Rogue's cloak of shadows cd has been reduced to 1min, balance's should be reduced too since AMS is at 45sec, i think there's no prob with 1min cd, it's 5sec duration only !
For pve if fight has alot of magic damage going out DK or rouge
physical damage a lock
Rogue's cloak of shadows cd has been reduced to 1min, balance's should be reduced too since AMS is at 45sec, i think there's no prob with 1min cd, it's 5sec duration only !

Haha I was hoping they'd do that for Balance cloak too. Ah well =/

While we're on the subject though, is anyone else finding that they can still be counter-spelled/spell-locked while cloak/ams are up??
In PvP AMS from DK, or Unending resolve from Lock. But in order of what i look for in bgs are as follows.

AMS- 45sec cd, amazing for the cd, thats your best bet vs a caster heavy team.

Unending resolve- 3min cd but your basically a tank with it up and cant be interrupted from casting. Good vs melee and casters.

Range disarm from monk is just amazing, shouldnt really need to explain how that is usefull

Cloak- is a nice ability but the cd and up time on it makes it fall behind the above spells.

HoJ- is really useful to get a melee off you, but you have to be near melee range to use it as a offense stun which could get yourself feared or stuned.

Purge- is nice but really your shaman should be doing that, and you should be multi dotting people. But taking a shield off a mage is really fun lol..

Mirror image- nice target drop, but damage is crap..

Mass dispel- long cast, long cd, priest should be the one doing this, the above are better choices imo.

Intervene- nice to eat a hunters trap off a healer, but beside that druid really dont need another kitting ability and really dont need something that makes us take more dmg. the above are all better imo.

Misdirect is a pve spell..
dk for ams. 45 cd blanket immunity to magic.

its just dope.
My warlock guildie appreciates having a self heal and Unending Resolve is a pretty OP CD that can be stacked with Barkskin which makes for a very nice damage reducer.

In cases where there is a debuff going out that you want to avoid AMS is the 2nd next choice.

Im not sure why people put it on Mages for Mirror Images. They do like 120 damage each cast and is NOT worth a GCD to use. The main purpose for Mirror Images is to drop threat.
I've used it for mass dispell, purge, UA, AMS, fortifying brew, mirror images in lfr to save me from bad tanks. There's alot of useless stuff in there, but there are also some very useful ones. It could use some more tweaking but it's not terrible.
PvP - Warlock for survivability, or Priest for offensive capability. Monk if Rogues give you a lot of trouble.
I'd say in most situations Warlocks, DKs, and rogues are the best choice for a boomkin to put symbiosis on. The damage reduction CDs you get from them are just amazing :D.

In some groups I give symbiosis to a hunter, or mage to help reduce my threat. It's ridiculous how much threat a boomkin can put out with a full burst rotation+lust.

Also symbiosis isn't always about what you get, but what the other person gets. In raid situations sometimes giving a tank symbiosis so they can get an extra defensive CD is more important than the spell you get. or in PvP I like giving them to healing priests for an extra CC.

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