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long que times for looking for raid i been having to wait 45 minutes to an hour some times longer dont no if that normal or not but i have never had this happen to me and this long que time has been happening since the new raid came out
Depends on time of day, which day of the week and what raids are new on my server. However I usually get 30ish minute waits. I've seen 45 and 50 before though it's never made me what that long. But on tuesday or saturday or monday I can usually get 10 - 15 minutes. If you can pick your days and times do so, it does make a difference.

Also remember if you are queuing up for Heart of Fear or Terrace most people are trying the new Throne of Thunder wing this week and may not be needing the Tier 14 gear anymore.
i have been trying to que up for the new raid ToT and been having to wait like an hour to an hour in a half just to get into one single raid lol
Had a 54 minute queue on my warrior last night so my wife hopped on her Shaman and gave me a 2 minute queue. She stuck around and we were in the worst group I have ever seen, we almost hit the enrage timer on the first boss, then proceeded to get our asses handed to us on Horridon's second door.

So, grab a healer friend and your queue times drop by 99%.

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