Neolutum (12/12 ToT) recruiting for 10 and 25

Wow Progress:

Despite a rough patch at the release of MoP we are now looking to reestablish ourselves as the top horde 25 man raiding guild (Daybreak and Massacre are not making this easy on us). We've been operating as a 25 man raid since ICC in Wrath of the Lich king and don't plan on changing that any time soon. We've had a couple of successful weeks here in 5.2 and our roster is secure but a guild of our size means we are never done recruiting.

We raid W/Th 7-11 (require 80% attendance or better)
500 iLvl (510+ preferred)
Mumble, EPGP, Boss mods
Heroic progression experience
Highly skilled, capable, and patient raider with a positive, team-oriented attitude.

We are of course always willing to consider outstanding applicants of any role but right now we need the following
1 MS Tank (DPS OS a requirement)
2-4 DPS (Healer or tank OS's a bonus)

We are happy to recruit groups of friends at the same time and even willing to host other 10 man raids. Please contact myself or Belledana (our recruitment officer) with any specific questions.
bump. Need skilled multi-role people and any exceptional DPS.
Bumping instead of creating a new thread with pretty much the exact same info because I didn't see you made this one.....yeah, that's what I'm going with.
Bump. Cause I can.
Free Bump!
WTB tanks, PST.
9/12 also..somebody kick Nosis for slow update
Are you guys still looking for that amount of raiders? We had some complications in our guild, And looking to fill in elsewhere. Not sure if you guys need that dps still. But we would have people to fill that role and possibly have people to have as back up. Dps and Heals with OS as well. Maybe we can work something out?
We're always looking for good raiders, particularly tanks right now. We're also looking to start up another sanctioned 10 man under our guild tag, which creates even more options and opportunity within the guild.

I'm stupidly busy with college right now, but there's almost always an officer online in game. Feel free to contact any one of us, or message Medieve through our website. We may be able to help you out :D.
03/15/2013 11:25 AMPosted by Nosis
(Daybreak and Massacre are not making this easy on us)

Competition is good! Good luck to you guys in the rest of the tier. Look forward to seeing where we both finish. Keep me up to date!
Grats on Iron Qon and Twin Consorts, I know Daybreak has the the upperhand hear but race for Lei Shen go go go... and again grats.
Should update 11/12 at some point.
12/12 10 man, 11/12 25 man (will aim to rectify that this week)
Rectum has been properly fried! 12/12 both, need more heroic raiders for 10 and 25. Come on Turalyon, don't let us down!
ttt. May be shopping for a tank sooner than later. Always looking for exceptional players.

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