PVP - Stampeded stable

I use a shale spider or a spirit beast for pvp.

What other pets should I have in my stable to maximize stampede for PVP?

Thank you,
What kind of PvP do you do? Arenas, BGs, world PvP?

Do you want another (mostly uncontrollable) CC aside from the spider? Then get one of those.

Do you want as many buffs/debuffs as possible?
- Do you do arena? Figure out group comp and fill in the gaps. If it's a mostly caster group and you have the choice between 4% physical damage and 5% magic damage (and everything else is covered), the MD is obviously the better choice
- Do you do random BGs? Rated BGs? Rated BGs, follow roughly the same as Arena, random BGs just get the buff/debuff loadout that benefits you the most (5%crit, 10%attack speed, 4% physical, 12% armor, you already have mastery) as you aren't likely to be able to predict the variety of classes you'll be around at any given time.

If you want heroism/bloodlust, stampede pets cannot cast Ancient Hysteria, that needs to be used from your main pet. All autocast buff/debuff abilities stampede pets will use.

http://raidcomp.mmo-champion.com/ <- can show you what pets abilities can provide what buffs/debuffs.
You could go the utility route like i do.

My 5 pet slots for pvp normally consist of:

Spirit Beast- only real heal and mastery buff
Corehound- Bloodlust outside of arena and anti caster pet
Shale spider- Stun
Bird of prey- Disarm, anti melee pet
wolf- 5% crit
I use almost the same as Paetheus

Spirit Beast - Heal and mastery
Shale Spider - Stun
Bird of Prey - Disarm
Wolf - 5% Crit
Serpent - 10% Attack Speed

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