Troll forms: awesome concept, awful execution

I like the troll druid forms ideas. I really do. Added to the fact that, today, Tauren's racials almost disregard them as a choice against trolls (besides the looks) , I'd really like to be pumped up about playing feral druid trolls. But, after a close look, I'm not. :/

As much as I try, I still think that the troll druid forms are visually just... lame. And, as my topic's subject shows, it's not a matter of concept. I really find the idea cool! Trolls are my favourite Horde race, after all, and the mushroom-high colors are just perfect. What simply breaks this is the execution... if you compare the trolls' forms to the other three, it leaves me with a feeling that the art team simply did not dedicate enough time and effort to the troll's forms as they did to the other ones. Even more after the revamp of the N. Elves' and tauren's forms, they have high resolution textures and models. And I'm not even mentioning the worgens'... and that goes to all of them: cat form, bear form, and mainly flight form. It's as if they just took old models of cats, bears, and bats, added one thing or another, put a rushed-up texture and voilá. And it shouldn't be like this.

When I saw the images of that new and misterious bat mount, for a while I wished it was a revamp of that troll flight form, but it seems it isn't. So, my question is: are the troll forms be left as that "Beta-version" forever, or are there plans, just like the so mentioned race graphic revamp, to give the troll druid forms a proper graphic treatment?
I really enjoy my tauren druid for the look since 2006 and the troll did not change anything about that.
I really like the Troll Druid forms... So colorful and way more variation compared to other races. Troll Feral + Glyph of Chameleon = always entertained

...but maybe it's becuase my 09 MacBook Pro cant handle high multisampling and I can't notice the model differences.
Eh - I've always liked the Tauren forms. I'm not really into bright colors, so that was always a huge turn-off for me, actually. (I had a troll druid for about 20 mins trying to get a cat color I liked, and never touched it again... lol)

Only reason Tas is the lighter purple is she was created with purple hair before we had different colored forms, so I got used to looking at her with purple hair / purple forms. :P All of my other NElf druids are the dark blue cat / bear forms.
I still want to be a flamboyantly colored moonkin as troll moonkin, same color scheme as cat/bear, so I would look like a tropical bird.

Now, that's exactly what I mean, Yojambo! Those are amazingly executed models/textures for the forms, and as I wished Blizz had done it.

I've been thinking on how to exemplify this better... there's one thing that really makes me sad about the cat forms, for example: the poor mirroring of the texturing, making the stripes look horrible on the cats' backs. A problem that was amazingly fixed in Pandaria's tigers.
I totally agree with you right there.... that the forms of the troll ones are juste awful. Its... yea... really.... it has the same model way as the old forms from Tauren and Night Elves. I just don't understant but I got hope that it could be redesigned with WoD coming.... and with the pic from Orochi, it would look really great> I would definetly go back to horde and make myself a Troll druid again.
There's a reason I rarely played this one while she was a Troll for a while. I HATE the troll forms. Looks like a toddler was given a pack of crayons to color the forms with. Doubt I'll ever level a Troll druid. Tauren look so much better and the WoD racial change isn't too bad either.
I actually disagree I love the troll forms. They look out there enough to be trolls but some of those animations were so bring they look unnatural for not only the Horde/Trolls, but the game itself.
The troll forms certainly capture the race very well (crazy colors, mohawks, tusks). I actually had a troll druid for some time named "Crayoncat".
I like the troll forms, especially flight form. A bat is so much cooler than a cowbird.
I think the troll forms are fine sans the moonkin form. That link above also posts pics of theoretical troll forms that are slightly different than the live ones, but no better imo.
I went from Troll to Worgen :D
Troll Cat and Bear form are awesome and fine. Second only to Worgen Cat Form.

The TRAGEDY (yes tragedy) of troll forms is FLIGHT FORM. Holy crap that 10 year old 2 pixel model bat is just AWFUL. The Tauren bird especially is really majestic. If my flight form looked like that I'd probably never use an actual mount. Bat Form is just disgusting. Even if they won't give us a bird (like every other race...) they should at least ACTUALLY update the bat model. Those square feet...
I really like the current Troll cat and bear forms.
They really do need to do something about the druid forms, yes I like the Troll ones better than the Tauren ones, that is why when I faction changed I made her a Troll.
Anyone else annoyed with the fact my little mini me moonkin pet only appears in Tauren boomkin form and not TROLL form?
Also lets give the tree forms some more color let us match ourselves to our collected pets! That would rock! or let them match us!
I paid $25.00 for the moonkin hatchling back when it was new, I would love for it to match my new Troll druid like it does for the Night Elves and the Taurens.
Just my 2cp though!
I like my multicolor'd bear form. Never know what color its gonna be
I still think troll forms would have been friggin' awesome with dreads or braids.
I think the troll cat form is the best in the game, it looks awesome, when ever i see them in BG's they look so... well feral!!! i was a troll for a while i had green hair and my cat form looked awesome, if anything i only hated the flight form, i hated being that bat.

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