Anyone else sick of trolling pvp'rs

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So you just hit level 58? looking forward to leveling in outlands? getting to that point where u can leave Hellfire pen and get into the good stuff??

YEAH NO if you are playing alliance, it is literately impossible to get the questing done in that zone because of all of the 90s that camp honor hold and one shot level 60s

I mean are you seriously that bad at normal Pvp you need to hang around a zone 30 levels lower than you to get your kills?

ive been trying to get the questing done for the last week and have just given up....
As brash as it may sound, PvP does relay on that term "red means dead".
Move to a PVE server and you get to enjoy two major benefits

1. You will be able to play and level in peace and quiet.

2. You will contribute to the slow decline and death of pvp servers.

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