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Guild Recruitment
<Average Joes> 25 man 8/16H 25 man

About us:
-Average Joes is a 25 man horde raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow (US). We are an adult group of goal minded players focused on team work and progression, With an emphasis on attendance and performance. Our goal is to provide a competitve enviroment geared twords sucess, in and outside of raid.

-We are celebrating just over a year on Bleeding Hollow! We have enjoyed continuing growth during our time here, consistantly climbing in progression to a current top 3 standing.

-All of our officers have been raiding since vanilla and provide a wealth of knowledge and insight to progression raiding.

What we expect:
-Our ideal player would have a desire to raid in a progression enviroment, would have an understanding of his/her toon as well as be studied up as to the current progression prior to raid. Demonstrate the ability to get along in a social setting with other peers, recognize other's attributes and contributions with a keen eye tword's recognizing where others may need assistance, then providing it. In turn, we expect any player to be open to constructive criticism where needed.

When we raid:
-Raid schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-10:30pm EST

What we require:
-All players are required to have Ventrillo installed -Be online 15 minutes prior to raid -Be in vent 15 minutes prior to raid -Have enough raid supplies for the night, pots, flasks, food etc. -Have your gear enchanted and gemed CORRECTLY as well as reforgedIn

Loot Rules:

Guild Website:

-We are an online family, we spend alot of time in vent questing or playing other games outside of raid. Laughing and having fun. We help each other but also push each other to perform. If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in come chat with us.

Current player needs:

Rawkiller -Silence@neo.rr.com
Accent -accentwow@yahoo.com
Hey, We're <Taken> on Kil'jaeden, a Top 100US 25m guild. Currently 11/12 ToT. Ended last tier at 11/16H

We're alliance, and seeking a full-time elemental shaman for our roster. Switching to resto on fights that we like to high-heal is a plus and will help cement your raidspot

add me at akio#1126.
Still looking for a guild? Bluecard#1522
Hi Sorites,

I'm not sure how much experience you have with elemental but if you're comfortable playing it you should check us out. This is not a bench position, you will be seeing progression. We raid three nights a week during progression, our schedule is: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8:00 - 12:00 EST. Bleeding Hollow is a high-pop, balanced realm located on the Chicago data center.

We are currently 1/12H.



Hey Sorites. WoW a lot of replies for you. O.o Look, if you're an exceptional healer, <AFK for Trash> would love to have you. We're on the alliance Borean Tundra. We're a tight group and many of our players play in top 100 U.S. guilds or have played in top U.S. guilds at a point, which is why we have high expectations when it comes to skill and knowledge of your class/spec.

Our current raid times are -

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
11pm - 1am Central
12am - 2am Eastern

We're 3/13 in ToT working on Tortos which we should down tonight.

If you want contact me add my battletag @ Dotologist#1469. For more info. (Also if you need a paid transfer, we might be able to work something out. Need a healer asap!)
[A] <Weekend Pandas> Kil'Jaeden(High Pop) Bloodlust Battle Group

Hey, We are a long standing group of friends that have been raiding together on KJ in one way or another for the past few years we full cleared all of Cataclysm heroics with achievement ICHYOTSOHAIA and all the metas atm we have one healing spot open and if your willing to go Alliance I'm sure you'll enjoy raiding with us.

Raid days and times

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
6pm - 9pm PST(9-12)EST

We Provide Enchants,Gems,Buckles,Flasks,Pots,Food

Outside of raiding we run RBGS on Thursday's and recently we've been doing challenge modes on the weekend, Also the guild is filled with a whole range of PvPers so getting your points for the week or getting a 5 man BG group going isn't a problem.

Contact me via Battle tag Ezrii#1627 if your interested or have Questions
Crisp is an alliance 25m guild that has been in existence since 2007. Currently 1/13H ToT, Crisp continues to recruit, progress, and stay calm during this heroic tier.

Among many other notable milestones...

Tier 14 - 16/16h (US 52nd Heroic Sha of Fear)
Tier 13 - 8/8h DS (World 4th Heroic Hagara)
Tier 12 - 7/7h FL (US 82nd Heroic Ragnaros)

Currently recruiting in high need of:

*Elemental Shaman
*Mage or Hunter

All outstanding applications are considered.

About Crisp
Crisp is an adult progression raiding guild on US-Baelgun. Founded in 2007 by GM Samiam, Crisp's longevity can be attributed to our ability to evolve and grow with each new tier of content while maintaining a small, elite, and tight-knit raiding core. We are disciplined, yet fun. We are pioneers of our classes, and we are seeking others performing at peak levels to join us in combating the pixel monsters.

Before You Apply
We take raiding seriously, but it is also our fun, stress relief, and community. Members are expected to know when it is ok to goof around and when it is time to get down to business. We engage in quite a bit of tomfoolery and adult-themed shenanigans so you must be open to that sort of humor. Crisp is strictly an 18 and older guild.

Members are required to have a stable internet connection, a computer capable of raiding, Ventrilo/Mumble with a working microphone, an open mind, and a good attitude.

Crisp raids Monday - Thursday, 5:30-9:00 Pacific (Invites @ 5:15). We expect near-perfect attendance from all raiders.

Crisp distributes loot via rotating loot council. The council consists of the GM and the three guild officers, plus two rotating raid members. The loot council prioritizes players and classes that will most benefit the raid to improve progression.

All raid consumables - flasks, potions (2 stacks per progression night), and buff food - are covered and we expect raiders to maximize the use of these tools. Additionally, all raid repairs are paid by the guild bank. Perks are available from the moment you start your initial trial with us.

In an effort to give back to the community, raid times are covered by multiple streams with full audio of mumble conversations, one of which participates in various giveaways of mounts, in-game pets, and pizza.

Please feel free to browse any of the archives of

twitch.tv/baytlm - Primary Stream - Enh. Sham pov
twitch.tv/divinixlol - Monk pov
twitch.tv/infuurno - Mage pov
twitch.tv/WhatsMyBuckets - Kitten pov

and have fun with our kills.

For more information, visit our website at www.crispguild.org or contact us directly via email at recruiting@crispguild.org or hop on to Baelgun-US and ask for an officer.

Add an officer directly via Battle tag to chat today-- (Chesticles#1307) or (Mass#1138)
Hey there!

<Twisted Mayhem> is a Casual raiding guild looking for a Core Healer to join our ranks.
We are currently 4/12 ToT with Megeara down 5 heads after 4 attempts. Previously we were 16/16N 4/16H. Our philosophy is to get the job done efficiently but have a good time doing it

We raid from 8-11pm server time (PST) Tues/ Wends/ Sun*
*Sunday is our optional raid day and is based on attendance. Thus far has been about 95% of the time we raid

2-heal partner is a Disc Priest. Our 3rd healer when needed is a Resto druid.

Here is a link to our most recent logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/130613/
Check out the ones from 3/12 – 3/14 & 3/19

If interested please contact me at Jtrush55#1998 and i will gladly fill you in on more info! Check out our website and/or apply at www.tm-wow.com

Best of luck.
Malice is 25m raiding guild looking to fill a few roles, leadership here in Malice is all veterans of this game, we have been playing together and raiding since Vanilla and have stayed competative in all content and would like that to continue,Mature 18+ atmosphere.


25-Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6N - 3/6HM

-Heart Of Fear: 6/6N

-Terrace Of Endless Spring: 4/4N (Elite Protectors)

-Throne Of Thunder: 4/12


Raid daysTues, Weds,Thurs - 7pm - 10pm Server CST

We will supply-Flasks -Pots-Enchants -Gems -Food -Repairs


Only the people who perform will hold raid spots we are not interested in having to carry suck pumps, all we ask is you show up and give 100% Contact me in game or any officer for more info.


My battletag is: soup#1428 or you can reach out to Loratabb/Ricochet (the other officers) considering I am afk this weekend.

We are 6/12 this tier, mostly before nerfs this week and last.

We raid Fri/Sat from 6pm server to 11pm. We are in desperate need of a SOLID SHAMAN (Elemental with resto off)! We currently don't have any mail wearers in raid and would love to have someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing. It sounds like you fit!
Guild Name: SubPar (25 Man)
Website: http://www.jerks.cc
Post Apps here: http://www.jerks.cc/forums/viewforum.php?f=7
Server: Perenolde-US

Recruitment needs:

We are in the market for a few people to recruit. All spots for recruitment are core.

Progression:7/12 ToT

6/6 Heroic MSV, 4/6 HoF Heroic 4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring

Currently we're in need of:

Ranged DPS: Warlocks, Boomkins, and Hunters are in high demand. All classes considered.

Healers: Monk, Druid, and Shaman in high demand. All Classes considered.

Raid Times:
Wednesday: 7:00 - 11:00 (CST)
Thursday: 7:00 - 11:00 (CST)
Sunday: 7:00 - 11:00 (CST)
Monday 7:00 - 11:00 (CST)

The one thing I'm going to stress before you apply is this: Attitude is everything. Raiding is not an easy business, our raids are full of laughter and talking. This goes on up to and many times during pulls and encounters (save for serious business time). If you are the type of person that gets frustrated and wants to or does lash out or takes matters into your own hands, don't bother applying, you will not last long here.

That serious talk out of the way, what you can expect is the highest level of success, extremely high commitment from the officers and fellow raid members and a group of people who are seasoned in the raid scene. We are also all in some way mentally retarded, yet still functioning. We promise to bring you to tears many times throughout the expansion during a raid from laughter, and to outfit you with shiny purples and good company.

One thing to remember is we can't recruit based off of attitude, yet I did say it was above all else for your STAYING a guild member. Recruiting will be heavily based on class knowledge, performance, past raiding experience.
Please see guild details below. All the best!

-zpriten :)

<Riot> is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria 25-man heroic raiding.

About us:
<Riot> has existed since the launch of vanilla WoW. Originally hailing from the Warsong server, we made our move to Gorefiend in the middle of The Burning Crusade, eventually becoming one of the longest standing 25-man raiding guilds on Gorefiend. Our primary goal is to clear the most current content as it becomes available on both normal and heroic 25-man difficulties.

<Riot> is a hard-casual guild. We have a focused, but fun and friendly raiding environment. We also have a very dedicated leadership and we do our best to maintain a good reputation on our server.

MoP Progression:

    Tier 15:
  • Throne of the Thunder King 5/12 (25N)
  • Tier 14:
  • Mogu'shan Vaults 4/6 (25 heroic), 6/6 (25N)
  • Terrace of Endless Springs 4/4 (25 norm)
  • Heart of Fear 2/6 (25 heroic), 6/6 (25N)
  • Cata:
  • Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic 25. Savior of Azeroth. Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider (25). (Many dragons)
  • Firelands: 7/7 Heroic 25. Firelord.
  • Other 25 Heroic: Sinestra, Nefarian, Al'Akir.

Recruitment Needs:
We will consider exceptional applicants but are currently focused on recruiting the following classes :
  • 1 Warlock
  • 1 Mage
  • 1 Elemental Shaman
  • 1 Healer (Priest, druid or MW Monk)
  • Evening Raiding Times (Eastern US):
    • Wednesday 8 - 12
    • Thursday 8 - 12
    • Sunday 8 - 12

  • The guild's focus is 25-man endgame content. We do not care about 10-man content when a 25-man version exists.
  • Must be able to meet the above raid times. 100% attendance is not required, but you must have a compatible schedule. That includes all raiding days. We need dependable raiders.
  • Must be a team player. We recruit enough to ensure that we can keep raiding even if someone has to miss a night, so candidates must be okay with the possibility of sitting out on occasion.
  • Mains only. No second raid lockout for your alt. And please don't ask to bring your alts to farm content on primary raiding nights.
  • No drama queens. Can't emphasize this enough. We like Gorefiend and we don't want drama with other guilds. Don't bring it here.
  • We are not a hardcore guild. Yes, we're committed to 3 nights of 25-man heroic content, and we are serious when raiding. We do what we can in that time. We do not add extra days to push content. We do well enough, but we do not stress about server firsts. If this is a problem for you, do not apply.
  • Decent 25-person endgame raiding experience required. This includes pre-Mists of Pandaria.
  • Decent internet connection required. If you're affected by the recent Time Warner/BrightHouse latency/connection issues, please let us know in your application, as there are ways to circumvent this.
  • We use EPGP for loot. ( http://code.google.com/p/epgp/ )
  • We use Mumble rather then Ventrilo for raid communication. (http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ ) Please install prior to any tryout.

If you're interested, please register and complete an application at: http://www.iloveriot.com. Any questions can be directed via website or in-game PM to Zpriten, Blindeye, Lannistur, Mogster, Shibumi, Grindewald, Miasma, or Warmlettuce.
Local Defense is currently looking for skilled players. LD has been around since 2004 and is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Ner'zhul. Raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-11:00PM(PST) for our 25 man.

Current 25 man progress is as follows.
11/16 Heroic modes tier 14
12/12 Normal tier 15 working on Heroic modes now

We are always looking for skilled players with interest in progression.

Mission Statement

Our priority first and foremost is to progress. Above all we seek to see and complete the hardest possible content in the game. While we respect the fact that raiders have lives outside of the game, attendance and skill award first priority in raid.



If you cannot dps/heal/tank while moving out of things, look somewhere else. Since we limit our 25 man content to three days per week, those three days must count. In addition, your gear/spec are your responsibility. Know your optimal spec, ep values, etc. PVE is won when you do your homework. If you show up to raids without gems and enchants, don’t expect to be invited.


We push our 25 man content 3 days a week. As a result, we expect near perfect attendance. While there are limited allowances to repairs and consumables, it is your responsibility to be prepared. The guild will help in any way possible, but we do ask you put effort forward as well.


Basically, we expect you to understand what is going on before you step foot into a raid. While the best way to learn is to actually see the boss, we expect you to be as raid ready as possible. This can be done by reading strats, watching videos, and talking to people who have done the fights before.


We expect our applicants to take gearing their toons into their own hands. While raiding does offer the best gear, do not expect to be carried into raids because you can't take the time out of your day to run heroics or LFR. Raid spots are earned, not given.


Having said all of that, this is a game and we want to have fun. We want you to have fun with us. The sense of accomplishment upon downing a boss for the first time, discovering a new solution to a problem, attaining that achievement you’ve been working on for two weeks straight, getting that title, riding that pretty new Dragon. These are experiences that we enjoy. We are looking for like minded players.

APPLY AT: http://localdefense.net/

OR Contact Noidej#1995, Famousone#1108, Kashmir#1359, or Loot#1411 in game for any questions or for an interview!
2/13H Toned LF Monk / Druid Healer and Ranged DPS

Toned is a collection of like-minded individuals competing in endgame content in World of Warcraft located on US - Llane. We try our best to combine very high standards of play with a pleasant raid environment while also having a guild structure that allows our players to successfully maintain their commitment to the game while having other things in their lives. We offer a strong playing group and a fairly relaxed raid environment. Encounters get harder and patience wears thin, but we try to keep levity in our raids. We aim for the lowest possible turnover by creating an environment and a community that people enjoy.

Raid Times

Tue/Thur/Sun: 7 - 11:30 p.m. EST
Mon/Wed: 9:45 - 12ish a.m. EST*

Currently Recruiting:

Healer - Monk / Druid / Shaman
DPS - Elemental Shaman / Moonkin / Rogue / Warlock

** Note we are willing to consider any exceptional applicant **

Applicant Requirements:

*Must be at least 6/6H MSV and 4/6H HoF and be 490 ilvl or higher
* Extensive knowledge of your class mechanics and raid encounters. You should know your own role and also that of your fellow raiders. You should understand all aspects of an encounter (tanking/healing/DPS) from an academic standpoint and from a practical point of view.

* Maximizing your gear to be ready for raiding. While we understand you may not have all the best in terms of actual items, we do expect you to put forth the effort to have the best gems/enchants to help bridge the gap.

* High attendance is critical, especially for learning new content. While we understand real life precedence, you should strive for 100% attendance.

* Skype and a working microphone are essential. Being able to communicate verbally is absolutely required and exceptions will not be tolerated.

* A good attitude towards raiding and other players. Members are expected to bring 100% focus to raids every night.

* An ability to fit into the guild environment. If you do not get along with the other members, chances are high that you will not pass.

Please be aware we are progression minded and that is our number 1 focus. If you aren't OK with sitting when needed (class stacking, your due to class's limitations on a specific fight, gearing, etc) then this isn't the group for you. If you want to sight see, there are plenty of other groups willing to drag you along.

That being stated, we are a fairly mature group of people, who really do enjoy accomplishing our goals with each other. The majority of the raiding group is online constantly doing dailies, running challenge modes, leveling alts, doing alt runs, etc.

Please visit Toned-guild.enjin.com to apply or contact Jynxz on real id: Camjohnson52@gmail.com.

Or feel free to contact us in-game: Kappqt, Jynxz, Broflexqt or talk to any raider in guild all of us are willing to answer any concerns or questions you may have.
Could use a strong resto shaman to compliment our strong dps and core.

Hi, I'm the raid lead and guild master of Remnant from Lightbringer server. <Remnant> is a progression guild that is semi-hardcore currently raiding 10 mans. We think it’s time to go back to 25 mans and can offer you an immediate core spot. We are currently 4/12N and will push to clear to get the stage for heroic modes. Going back to 25 mans will give more incentive, as well as a more flexible raid group able to tackle fights with gimmicks.

Server Info: We are NOT a dying server. We are a high population PVE server.

Schedule: Tuesday –Wednesday -Thursday raiding days, raiding from 6:30 to 9:30 pm PDT. We have optional clean-up, progression nights. As well as would like to start alt runs on off-nights.

Website: http://www.remnant-lightbringer.enjin.com

Contact me or another officer:

GM/RL of <Remnant>
Hey there-

We are currently 6/12 normal 10 man raid on Fri/Sat with offnights (non-mandatory) on Sunday/Monday. We are currently in need of an elemental shaman like yourself. We currently don’t have any mail int wearers in the raid.

The guild was formed by several former hardcore raiders (I’m 16/16hm previous tier & raid leader) looking to create a competitive environment where we progress and have fun at the same time.

My battletag is soup#1428 (I’m out this week – at a music festival) but you can also reach out to Loratabb or Ricochet as well.

Alternatively, you can toss us an app at http://apm.wowstead.com
<Immortality> is a 25man Alliance raiding guild on US- Skullcrusher. We are currently looking for exceptional players to fill various raid spots for Heroic progression through 5.2. Our current needs are as follows but we are always looking for committed players of any class or spec:

Mage (All Specs)
Monk (Brewmaster and Mistweaver)
Druid (Feral, Boomkin and Guardian)
Priest (All Specs)
Shaman (Enhancement and Resto)
Paladin (All Specs)
Warrior (Arms and Fury)
Death Knight (All Specs)

Raid Times: Monday-Thursday 8:00-12:00pm EST
Loot Type: Loot Council (Based off attendance and performance)
Progression: 4/12 ToT, 6/6 Heroic MSV, 3/6 Heroic HOF, 4/4 ToES

Please apply on our forums: http://immortality-sc.enjin.com/

You may also respond to this post, message me, private message any of our officers in game or add me via REAL ID:


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