BM or MM for arena?

Title says it all. i dont know which one is better. ilike BM but it relies on your pet toomuch for damage. But which is best for arena?
Both can be done, but both require a measure of skill. A BM hunter has a number of tricks, BW is a spare trink effect on a 1 min cd, intimidate a 3 sec stun, shale spiders with a 3 sec stun at 30 yard range on a 31.5 sec cd, and other nice tools. MM has more reliable dmg, and the ability to open with power shot plus chimera for huge dmg due to careful aims crit bonus on targets over 80% health, but has less effective pet cc, and no spare trink or escape mechanic.
Both are viable, bm is better, requires less skill but pets are easily killable and ccable despite what terrible players will tell you, that they're invincible and such. MM relies less on the pet, making it more likeable by the community, but suffers from lack of extra utility other than 2nd slow and small heal.
I like Mm but the numbers tell me I do best with BM so thats what I use. I have bw in a macro with the rest of my dps buffs. Works great for me. BM maybe sum off the best burst dmg in the game.
Hunter is a joke of a class now. All three specs can be played by physically disabled morons with good results but beast mastery is a little better than the other two.

have fun.

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