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So i built this computer myself around Christmas. It has been amazing! Today i was doing updates, had something called mb bios. msi. My mother bored is msi. started the update walked in the other room to get something to drink i can back and my screen was black, figured it was restarting. well turned out that i ended up in a continuous restarting cycle. i've tried several things to fix it, hitting f8, i unplugged everything re plugged it in, checked ps, tried to start from disk, tried using on-bored video-output instead of my upgrade. unplugged it and took out that battery. i'm out of idea's, and have a feeling is either the mb, or cpu, but more leaning towards mb.

this is all my parts
Where did you get this update? I doubt it was through windows update...was this on the msi site? Did you run a bios flash program from windows? Try to give us the steps you took for the bios update...

It sounds like this could be a flash gone bad, but at the same time, you don't just click on a bios update and have it install itself, so I'm not sure.
it was live live update 5 or something like that. it always came up with updates for programs that were downloaded with the disk. it poped up and said the was a new update for live update. i did that, restarted the computer, then it said i had the update previously mentioned in 1st post. i hit install. and yeah....
Sounds like a bad bios flash. I'd call MSI support (for your motherboard) and tell them what happened. They can probably do an RMA for you.
Try to plug in minimal amount of stuff required and see if it works.

IE) only the keyboard and mouse, no graphics card sound card anything, just one stick of RAM, no drives attached
Selvaganesh- thanks i will give them a call and see if that works!

Kalganized- i tried that. still did the same thing.
yea it sounds to me like you screwed it up. lol im always wary of any 'automatic' things my computer tries to do. while i love my computer, i know whats better for it a lot of the time haha.

computers doing 'automatic' things is what caused cyberdine and skynet for gods sake! dont let it take over!
As far as I know, most motherboards have a failure bios feature where if you take out a battery (CMOS, or something?) it will revert to the earlier bios and thereby boot.

Some people say a 3.5 bootable floppy, with the right files on it and the new bios you want to overwrite, will fix it (at least from this thread in 2009):


From here, is something like what I originally mentioned. So look in your motherboard manual (that is where I found mine, I was mistaken about the battery but it is a JUMPER NEAR THE BATTERY?)


First off, you will need to open up the computer case and change a jumper on the motherboard into the “Recovery Mode Position”. Nearly all Intel Based motherboards and some 3rd party motherboards have a jumper or switch to recover the BIOS. Typically it can be found somewhere near the BIOS battery.

Couple of options. I'd try the floppy one first, then look at a manual of your mboard. If not with it, there should be one to find online.
What were you updating? I haven't had Windows Update ever try to update my bios, I always had to do that manually. The last time I was stuck in a boot loop was when I was overclocking and my vcore was way too low. It would get to the Windows logo and then go to a black screen, then restart. Is this what's happening? How far into the boot cycle does your system get before it loops?

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