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Most folks that practice mass ganking do so simply for the visceral joy of taking a whiz in someone else's lemonade and pissing them off. Frankly, I'm weary of getting pissed off, so from here on, the most you'll get from me is a sigh. There will be no rage, no righteous indignation, no griping and complaining. I don't have a chance most times so I'll just let you have your giggle. You won't get anything else, just a sigh.

As an aside, I suggest to the Alliance that we boycott the Isle of Gank and bring the server progression to a halt. To take back a bit of our power, as it were.

Thank you and have a good day.
Seems to me you got ganked while you were doing PVP dailies.
PVP dailies
Like I said, pvp is all fine and good, I picked the pvp dailies and I took my medicine, but the mindless, game breaking ganking is getting out of hand. Once you've established that I can't beat you, why bother continuing to attack me? The way the island is set up, you aren't doing anything to promote your cause. The more near griefing levels of pvp go on out on the island, the less inclined people are going to be to participate and slower the island unlocks. Stormreaver is already at least a couple days behind the less imbalanced servers. Like I said, I'll sit there and take my medicine, but the only reaction I'm going to have is a sigh.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on who you are, this will never change. If the roles were reversed and the Alliance outnumbered the Horde by the same ratio at 90, it'd be the same thing. You'd be a Horde saying this (not you specifically, but you get the picture). It's been like this since day one of WoW, and I imagine will be like this until the end.. if not, very close to it.

The nature of PVP servers is to well... PVP. I think it'd be impractical to set so many rules and standards on the server to make it "fair" for everyone. It's supposed to be random. It's supposed to be spontaneous. There'll be jerks, there'll be mass groups running around looking for a single kill.. it's just the way it is.

And what IS fair? What you think fair is may be different than what I or what Rogvor thinks fair is. In my opinion "fair" is rolling on a PVP server, knowing what the consequences could be, and taking that risk anyway. We all did that. It's not fair for us to expect anything different or to try to force our will on others to create change. It's an unattainable expectation. You only set yourself up for disappointment.

Personally, I don't know how the Horde can do it. I'd be bored out of my mind if I were them. I like the challenge of being less populated and having the odds against us. [shrug] Not everyone likes that; you seem to be one of those people. Perhaps you might transfer to a more Alliance populated server? Or maybe you have a friend on Real ID that'll let you "borrow" their server by them inviting you to their party or whatever.

Case and point? It's not changing, no matter how hard we try. No matter how hard we pretend to be apathetic about it. No matter how much we try to fight it. All you can do is accept it and have fun with it, or be upset about it and maybe question why you spend your $15 a month to play in misery.
Hey OP'er, I like the fact that you are rattled by WPvP problems. Glad to see you care. Although you do need to stop complaining about being outnumbered and being ganked. Personally I kind of like the idea of being the underdog and finding a way to stick it to the other side.

And again... personally I find this game crap, however I have created my own game and I invite you to join. There are those that want to make this server about WPvP and I'm one of them. These PvE instances and BG/Arena are just mini games and do not help to serve a feeling of server community.

Being outnumbered can be fixed with organized WPvP campaigns on the Alliance side. Take the right pill friend, break free of the mini games and make this server great... that starts by stopping the whining. you're only embarrassing the rest of us that know what we signed up for.

BTW: You all can take your server progression and put it where the sun does not shine.... you know I don't give a rat's about this! LOL.
Sorry I thought my rant was over, but it's not...

Why did we pick a PvP server?
Why did we pick Alliance knowing we would be out-numbed?
Why do most PvP servers focus mostly on PvE progression?

The answer is this....
You liked the idea of playing a Dwarf or whatever race you picked.
You liked PvE more than PvP, but you wanted the "option" of engaging in WPvP.

Sorry, but I have no respect for those that thought this server's WPvP environment would be "optional". Just ask the people in Two Moons :) you think anyone reads your wall of texts about pvp ganking? how the hell can you write these essays on pvp? its a pvp server, people see something they can kill, typically another player. they are gonna do it! for sheer enjoyment. if they dont, obviously they dont feel like it. sheesh.
Not really a wall of text when its punctuated, and if you even bothered to skim it, xezzu's point is 'PVP happened on a PVP server' so uh, good job summarizing?
5 paragraphs on pvp...rolls eyes
Why are you so offended?
Suppose I could just as easily ask why you have such a small opinion to offer. [shrug] It really doesn't bother me that much. If you don't want to read my post(s), ...don't. I don't put them up there to entertain the people not interested, or to even be so arrogant to think everyone will be interested.

Either way, the OP's post isn't about me or my longer posts, so perhaps keeping it on topic would be for the best.
then don't read it. Problem solved!
stupid common reply. not only have alliance dwindled in numbers, but intelligence...
I love how you call me unintelligent, but you're still reading posts that obviously upset you. It's ok. Do you need to cuddle?

But really, people need to get over it. It's a PvP server. There will be pvp. As a member of the horde, I live by one rule. If it's red, it'd dead. Unless, of course, I'm in a hurry. But if I have the time to spare, you had better bet I'm going to try and make your life as difficult as possible.
I think my point about the server progression could be most succinctly summarized as you hordies cutting your own throat to spite your stomach. There is a ton of content on the Isle of Thunder and since you guys have made it a living hell, what few alliance there are left mostly don't bother with it, so all that content, all the gear and lore, whatever floats your boat PVE wise is locked up because some of you can't get your PVP @#%@!!#@ out of your hand long enough to take a whiz.

All that said though, at least the pvp is pretty much confined to the island now and folk can level in relative peace.
Sephyxia I didnt realize you spoke on behalf of everyone on the forums...............oh thats right you dont. I rather enjoy Xezzu post for a couple reasons. A. I can read above an 8th grade level, so this way i dont get frustrated and upset at the poster because I struggle to comprehend what they have typed. B. He post more then the regular reply of (QQ Scrub baddie ROFL get owned umadbro) instead he offers his own opinion and explains why he feels that way. Which as far as i know thats what the forums were orgionally made for. After that you say Kahlly lacks intellegence just like the rest of the Alliance. This shows you clearly are under the age of 15 and think the opposite faction is all children, a common thing with kids your age. I play Horde and think the whole 5v1 situations that errupt on the Isle are just sad, nothing more, and for you to assume because its a PVP server everyone kills everything you are wrong. If i get the chance to 1v1 someone ill drop them to a low HP, /bow /wait, if they keep attacking i kill them, if they run then that is all ive already won the fight and avoided griefing them. Please never speak on behalf of the forums again.

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