Graphic Card Upgrade? :o

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I'd point out that I was actually recommending an Nvidia card for $110 after rebate because it's the most performance for the buck at that price point.

The Coolermaster Extreme Power 500w is ok. It's not rated 80+, but it will deliver its rated power, and it's fused so if it dies it won't take other hardware with it. You can run most regular hardware with that psu, no worries.
I choose to get the Radeon 7770, hope I didn't screw up, I mean I pretty much only need it till the end of xpac, and was hoping it would be what I need, I mean as long as its better then my other card and gives me a good boost in performance then its ok :o.

So tell me did I screw up or did I do well :3
Is it that one you linked for $95 after rebate? It's solid for the money. It's an upgrade over your 550ti, but I'd say that for $15 more, the 650ti is probably worth it.
will it run well, on high settings in 25mans? the $95 one
It should.
I currently run a 6670 which is considerably weaker than a 7770 for WoW. I run the game on med/high settings relatively fine. I'm not getting 60 fps in 25 mans but its around the 30 mark which is adequate for playing smoothly.

It all depends on preference really. Do you want to play the game on ultra at a 60+ fps? You won't want to spare any expense then. If all you care is to be able to function properly with little to no hiccups, then that 7770 is perfect and will most likely exceed that expectation.
I personally just want it on mid/high settings on 25mans with 40-50fps

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