493 Disc / shadow priest LF Home for 5.2

I am a 493 disc priest with a viable shadow OS.

After a break, I am returning to the game and ready to get back into raiding for ToT in 5.2.

I’m looking for a new raiding guild to call home, hopefully for the last time.

I am looking for a guild that:

Raids max 2 days per week - Any 2 days but Fri/Sat. Range of 730-12pm EST. (Hard stop at 12am)
Social and active guild both in and outside of raid.
Prefer Horde only.
Willing to server transfer. Any raid size, 10 or 25m.

My contact info:
via email (Preferred and fastest way) – dwringle@gmail.com
via BattleTag: Nezzark#1784
Hey man hows it going.

Our raiding times are

Tuesday 8pm(est)-10pm(Est)
Thursday 8pm(Est)-10pm(Est)

We have also have a group that still runs old content, Friday night raids for fun, and our guild is very active outside of raiding on our forums and in game as well!

You can come check us out at www.ChaosKnighzClan.com or PM either myself or any of our officers in game for more information. I will link you to our recruitment thread here on the forums to help give you a better overview of what we are all about!


Hope to hear from you soon, I know it is Easter today so most of us wont be on, I can usually be reached anywhere bettween 5pm(Est)-10pm(Est) Monday thru Friday in game or on our forums!

~GM of the Chaos Knightz

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